Learning from Comedy?

Hopefully most (if not all) of you have watched at least one episode of “Seinfeld”? The series was based around four personalities. Jerry Seinfeld (comic); George Costanza (bungler); Cosmo Kramer (eccentric), and Elaine Benes (frustrated working girl). They were all friends and lived in New York.

One episode which sticks in my mind was an early one in the series in which Jerry and George pitch an idea to Fox Television (I think it was Fox) about a show. The show that was being pitched was in fact the Seinfeld series and, when Fox asked what the show was about, Jerry said “It’s about nothing!” If I recall correctly, Jerry and George then had a complete dialogue as to how “nothing” would make a good TV series! It would follow the day to day lives of four characters, but nothing would actually happen. Not only was it an entertaining thirty minutes, but the way they presented the idea rather made sense!

There was a TV series from the U.K. called “Yes Minister” which followed the fumblings and bumblings of a naive and incompetent P.M. I have the book and one chapter is fascinating because it explores a political oversight in which a hospital is built (at great expense to the taxΒ  payers); is fully staffed, but has no patients!

The P.M. is totally inept as usual, but relies heavily on his senior staff who always manage to save the day, and usually with great personal satisfaction. The senior staff are really running the country. They had to come up with an explanation (for the P.M. to announce to the press) as to why they had a brand new, fully staffed hospital but no patients in it! A complete chapter of the book was dedicated to this and, unbelievably to me, the explanation made sufficient sense to dictate a re-readΒ  to discover the flaw in the argument!

Similar to Seinfeld, there was a nonsensical theme which was developed in a way that was not totally illogical!

I had nothing planned for this Post. Our weather is very wet and windy; we are going to level our back lawn and raise it to cover some tree roots (the topsoil is due today). I’ll then order a load of sod/grass which will be rolled into place at the earliest opportunity. Then end result will replace a very old back lawn which Ray has partially destroyed (letting a small horse run around would do the same thing!), with a brand new lawn which should get us through the next ten years!

That’s my main focus at the moment… nothing really, but if “Seinfeld” and “Yes Minister” can make something from nothing, I thought that I should at least try!

22 thoughts on “Learning from Comedy?

  1. Every day my two canine comedians ‘offer’ a bit of insight which enrich life. It’s good to have those days where we can actually realize how they impact us whether having pony rides in the yard or just plain old companionship at the edge of a chair. Best of luck with the garden re-do. I’m sure it will muster a 4-paw of approval by Ray…once the workers have run out of treats. πŸ™‚

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    • The trick with the garden is going to be keeping him entertained after the soil has been spread and leveled, and before the rolls of grass go down! Anything in between and he is going to be one big make-work program! πŸ™‚

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    • Give it another chance and, if you react the same as in the past, just accept that it is not in synch with you and move on. I always find it interesting when somebody is raving about a movie… but it leaves me thinking what a waste of a few hours! We should just celebrate our individuality! πŸ™‚


  2. LOL! I would say that your post about “nothing” was a success πŸ™‚
    Brad and I are behind the times, but we are currently on Season 6 of Seinfield now. πŸ™‚ Kramer cracks me up!

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  3. I absolutely loved yes minister. We watched every episode. Nigel Hawthorne played the superb Civil Servant who kept the Minister tied up in knots whilst always assuring him that his wishes would be fulfilled!!!


    • It was certainly refreshingly different from the usual sitcoms, and (I worked in local government for many years) seemed to reflect political life relatively well! πŸ™‚


    • I agree with you, and there are a number of soaps that cover(ed) “day to day lives” (e.g. Coronation Street). I have always found it intriguing as to why people enjoy watching others have a rather mundane life (e.g. Coronation Street), when so many can see it outside their front door anytime they wish! Seinfeld at least put a humorous slant on everything! πŸ™‚

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