A Moment in Ray’s Life!

The following pics were taken, and captioned, by Carol yesterday evening:

“Hey Colin, where are you going in the car and why haven’t you two had your dinner yet?  I’ve had mine.”

“Hmmm… I wonder if he went to get pizza?  No, that can’t be it. He never takes the car to get pizza.”

“I hope he gets back soon with something good!”

 … and so the saga of living with Ray continues!

14 thoughts on “A Moment in Ray’s Life!

  1. When we near home after being away for more than three or four hours, My Better Half will sing out, “Hang on Leanie, we’re coming.” My rejoiner Is always, “She’s sleeping.” But she always meets us at the back door when she hears the key in the lock, blinking and winking, barely awakened, trying to make us feel like she has been pacing and waiting for us the entire time. Her “spot” on the love seat gives her away. It is still warm.

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