An analogy of life?

Analogies of life are common place, and are limited only by the writer/speaker’s imagination. We can see life analogies in so many day to day events if we look hard enough, but this post was not triggered by me looking… but rather by me simply seeing.

I was out in our driveway, hosing (watering) all the plants, and I was facing the trellis/lattice that currently supports a Honeysuckle plant. There used to be a Rose of Sharon growing there but, after a particularly brutal Winter, it appeared to die off. Some of its roots were apparently protected by the front porch because this Spring we noticed what appeared to be Rose of Sharon leaves very close to the ground!

We were so thrilled because it was once a truly wonderful plant which presented an incredible floral exhibition when at its peak. Who knows, perhaps over a few years it will grow and compliment the Honeysuckle, or perhaps be a natural replacement as our Honeysuckle has consistent issues with tiny winged predators!

All these thoughts were going through my head as I stood hosing the plants and just looking at the Honeysuckle… then I saw it! (see pic below):

It is not easily visible, but at the end of the yellow arrow is a fragment of pink/mauve. Given the color of the Honeysuckle flowers, I had to go and investigate! The result dictated I go and get my camera!

Our Rose of Sharon has had a remarkable growth year! So what is the analogy? There are many really when one thinks about it. Always look beyond the superficial? Expect the unexpected? Never underestimate nature? Gifts don’t have to cost lots, and come wrapped in pretty boxes?

24 thoughts on “An analogy of life?

  1. Such a pleasant surprise. Rose of Sharon is very hardy. We have two in our yard. One is in a more shaded area and was getting “leggy” so we cut it back severely a year ago. It’s just lovely this year. Nature gives us the best surprises.

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  2. Your Rose of Sharon looks very much like our Hibiscus which has grown incredibly huge this year after my Husband cut it back quite severely last autumn. the colours are white and Purple as part of it was grafted to the main stem!.

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  3. I have always loved the Rose of Sharon flower! Very nice!

    I like your analogies. When I first read this, I was going to choose “Expect the Unexpected”, but after reading something else I think I prefer the “Gifts don’t have to cost lots…” one! πŸ™‚

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