Just Thinking!

About two weeks ago, I was really pleased to announce that my book “Just Thinking” was officially released.

The book is a collection of verses written over a number of years and it is my sincere hope that readers will be able to relate to the manner in which I wrote them. If a piece was emotional to me, I would hope that it could also be emotional to them. If I have incorporated situations or circumstances which I found thought-provoking, it is hoped that they will also be encouraged to pause and ponder.

I have had no formal education in verse but I do, however, know how I feel and what motivates me to write. I write honestly. My writings are, quite simply, me

I am expecting that I will soon be able to record more presentations of some of the pieces from the book however, in the meantime, the link below goes to a reading of “Skeeta’s Legacy”. Ray has a passionate dislike of cats, and yet Skeeta (a large Siamese) could well have saved his life.


“Skeeta’s Legacy”

(Copyright Colin Chappell 2017)

Skeeta was a Siamese cat,
Of distinction, so we thought.
She was rather unlike her breed.
Friendly… and quite large;
I had known a few Siamese,
But… none had traits like these.
* * *
She would travel in our car,
On top of the front seats,
And clearly enjoying the ride.
Swaying forwards and backwards;
Sideways on the turns;
We would laugh… often until we cried!
* * *
Then one day, she clearly had changed.
Her clean toilet habits had gone.
Something was wrong we were sure.
She used to be meticulously clean,
But a test revealed leukemia,
With no treatment… no cure.
* * *
After living with us
For only three months,
Dearest Skeeta was put to sleep.
But she left her mark,
Indelibly on my heart.
Memories that I would keep.
* * *
She went to a better place,
To join her kind and be without pain,
Where cats are happy and free.
To be as I’d want her to be,
But Skeeta left a legacy behind,
Unbeknown at the time to me.
* * *
Many years later when Ray moved in,
He tested positive for heartworm.
After only three months in our home,
What were our options? What to do?
A very serious condition,
And he could not fight it alone.
* * *
We could return him, or put him to sleep.
We could do nothing, which would eventually kill him.
What would make the most sense?
For such a short and unhappy life,
An expensive course of treatment,
But… could we justify the expense?
* * *
The treatment he may not even survive
But… shouldn’t we at least try?
For perhaps survive he would.
Shouldn’t we give him a chance?
A chance for his life to fulfill?
To live out his life being loved?
* * *
Euthanizing would give him peace,
But he was not even three years old,
And his earlier life seemed hard and alone.
Surely even a dog has a right
To fight for his life,
In a warm, loving and caring home.
* * *
To return him to the shelter
Raised problems of another sort.
Who would adopt a very sick Ray?
Who would want his vet bills?
Who would open up their home to him?
Who would invite him to stay?
* * *
During these dilemmas, an inner voice
Reminded me of Skeeta long ago.
With no hope of a cure in sight;
How she was put down;
Her future sealed by a disease,
Which cheated her out of her life!
* * *
But this time was different.
Ray did have a chance
If treatment was started right away.
The decision just had to be made
And then hope for the time,
When once again… he could play.
* * *
Ray will never know
What influenced his future,
Or how it came to be…
That a cat… of all creatures,
May have saved his life.
That was Skeeta’s legacy!

13 thoughts on “Just Thinking!

  1. Our memories of previous decisions so often influence another difficult decision. And I am assuming you know why Ray wants to kill cats, right? It’s the Rottie in him, which were bred to kill the big, wild cats.

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    • You could well be correct Amy, although we do not know whether his intentions are to kill and (of course) we cannot find out! His response is however rather more aggressive than when he sees squirrels and rabbits! On the good side, he apparently adjusted to living at our Humane Society where many cats were in close proximity to him. Who knows? All we can do is err on the side of caution which, as Ray is only off-leash in our garden, is not a problem. 🙂

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  2. The choices that we are called upon to make for our furry families are never easy. You made some difficult choices for Skeeta and Ray. Now you have used your undeniable talent to give Skeeta immortality, she must be smiling a Siamese smile. A beautiful poem! Thank-you for this peek into “Just Thinking”!

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