The new kid!

A new kid appeared “on the block” a few weeks ago. We had heard about the possibility when chatting with a young Mom. She explained that her kids wanted a puppy etc. etc. etc.

My reaction was very reserved as my thoughts went to whether the Mom knew who was going to be looking after it once the novelty had worn off for her kids and they were doing other things. They do seem a nice family though so perhaps all would be well!

Allow me to introduce Java (on our front porch)!

Unfortunately, this was not a planned visit. We saw her wandering around further down the road and could not see anybody around to watch her so, while I kept Ray company on the front porch, Carol walked down the road and started talking to neighbors (who apparently were also concerned about Java but were trying to leave in their car). We saw Carol pick up Java and then she disappeared down a driveway!

I was getting curious, and Ray was getting rather vocal as he could not see Carol, so we both headed down the road to see what was going on! It would appear (to be confirmed) that Java had been left in the back garden while the family went out… and she quickly found a way of getting out.

When we are on the porch with Ray, he has two leashes tied together to give him some extra space if he needs it so, when we found Carol, we separated his leashes so that each dog could have one. We then told the neighbors to go wherever they had to go, and we would take care of Java!

We brought her back to the porch and she was clearly very thirsty and dived (almost) into Ray’s water bowl. Ray was looking a little bewildered so we ended up with two bowls with water on the porch floor!

Once Java had satisfied her thirst, she decided to play with the water bowls by “digging” in them with her front feet; standing in them, and eventually knocking them over!

What was Ray doing throughout her antics? Another Post!

63 thoughts on “The new kid!

  1. Mom’s not going to comment because she said, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” She did want me to say thank you for taking care of the puppy – so that’s nice, right?

    I feel very sad for any dog left in the yard while their Moms go away. If you wouldn’t do it to a kid, don’t do it to your puppy! I would have been scared and lonely (and thirsty!)
    Woof! TINK

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      • Oh goodie. I hope that puppy’s parents can hear it and embrace the assistance. to learn to be good dog parents.

        Many years ago, when Mom got her first dog when she was married and in grad school (which got her started on Shih Tzus), she bought a bunch of books about us, and she got a lot of great advice from the breeders.

        She is a GREAT Shih Tzu mom for me, also since learned a lot from my cousins. She tells me that I am her “do-over” dog (kinda’ like having a grandchild – lol)
        Woof! TINK

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          • Mom says it takes learning how to listen and look from a dog’s perspective. The two-legses have to be helped to understand how we work.

            I LOVE it when the 2-legses at my Cheers bar welcome me when I come in and as I sit on my very own bar stool with my very own drink (but not her kind, except when she drinks water). It’s great to hear them tell Mom what a well-behaved dog I am. We go every Sunday nite to hang with my fans at the Trivia tournament. We’re the mascots.

            Everybody knows my name, too!
            Woof! TINK


  2. Chances are that Java’s guardians might not be so thankful. I once picked up a half blind Maltese that almost ran under the wheels of my car. I took the pup home. Then I called the local radio station to say I had found the lost pup…I didn’t know who it belonged to in the neighbourhood.
    I had to go to work, but a friend stayed with the pup in my house. My partner was there, but he also had to go to work. Meanwhile, the local humane society heard the radio announcement. They called around to my house and my friend handed the pup over to them as no one else had been in contact.

    Later that evening the owner of the pup arrived at our house. It turned out that she was from three blocks away. My partner knew her. She ripped into him for not recognising her pup and then into me for letting the humane society take her away. It apparently cost her a fair bit of money to get the dog back from the humane society.

    People don’t appreciate that their pets could be easily run over…really annoying when they blame you for doing the best you can for their pet!

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  3. Glad you and Carol were there to take care of this little pup until her family returned. And I hope this taught them why they shouldn’t leave her alone in the yard when they leave! Sometimes people mean well, but don’t understand how to properly care for a new dog, particularly a puppy. It’s a learning process, that’s for sure!

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  4. Java is fortunate to live on a street with caring neighbours like Carol and you. Oh, how I wish families would spend time with adult and senior dogs before taking home a puppy. Puppyhood is such a short time relative to the adult years. Children often lose interest. Parents need to accept this happening and realize that they will be taking on the care of the dog. Dogs are not toys that can be played with for short periods of time and then shelved until you feel like it again. Well, I will get off my soapbox and hope that Java’s escape was a one-time only event. Beautiful shots of her.

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  5. Adorable looking puppy, but scary to think what may have happened if you and Carol wouldn’t have been there for her! i really hope that was the last incident of its kind.
    Anxious to hear of Ray’s reaction to this frisky puppy!

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  6. I can’t tell if Java is an Aussie or a Collie, but definitely not the best choice for someones first dog. Both breeds are crazy smart and have so much energy, which makes them wonderful pets but only if the owner puts in the work. Regardless Java is lucky to have you and Ray in the neighborhood, and I bet as she grows and learns both you and her owners will get a lot of laughs in.

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  7. While puppies are the cutest and most adorable beings, they require much attention and training – often beyond the time and capabilities of their owners. I’m not in favor of leaving any dog outside alone, many times it doesn’t end well for them. That, of course, is only my opinion. Java is a beautiful puppy and quite fortunate that Carol and you were there to be a safety net, and Ray too. Can’t wait to hear Ray’s take on Java!!

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  8. Sounds like you may have a frequent visitor. Since the puppy is happy and alive, I am assuming the Ray was good with her. Perhaps a non-aggressive playmate would be good for him? I agree that it appears the new owners don’t have a clue but sometimes we all start like that.

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    • Hi Michael. Technically no. Their (kids) grandparents took Java back to their house. We will be talking to the “Mom” because we have coyotes and foxes around here who have a proven capability of scaling garden fences if the “prize” is worth it! What they appeared to have done was just plain stupid, and they are very lucky that no wildlife, or vehicle, got her!

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  9. Java is lucky you & Carol are the ones who decided to take care of her. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say Java is a digger and therefore, the family leaves her out so she doesn’t wreck the house. I wish people would fully understand the commitment. These pups are not just toys. Can’t wait to read about Ray!!

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