“No More Words”

So many songs have been written in the context of a missing loved one and, given that most of us can relate to the resulting emotional turmoil, it is not surprising that every now and then a song like that “hits home” for whatever reason.

“No More Words” was quite a popular play on the radio here when it came out in 1989 and, in contrast to my two my earlier song Posts, it dealt with a desire to end a relationship. Regardless, it is one of those songs that just made an immediate impact on me, and I still play it regularly! Enjoy!

You gave me your word
But now that your word
Doesn’t mean that much to me
And in the silence I can hear
The truth rings loud and clear
I never meant that much to you
and it seems, a whisper to a scream
was all that we knew
before the talk is through I’m telling you
No more words tonight. No more words
I don’t ever wanna hear you say
you love me one more time.
No more words tonight. No more words
I’ll forever keep the silence
and you can keep your lies
You tried to throw me one last line
to throw me one last time
But now I guess I’m wise to you
And vows spoken in the night
are broken in the light
would you recite I have heard before
so say no more…

CHORUS – No more words tonight…

Dialogue is over
I see your lips move
but they don’t make a sound
You’ve lost what I have found
A voice inside of me that sets me free

8 thoughts on ““No More Words”

  1. This is my favorite song on the “All or Nothing” album. I think this was her last release for 10 or more years. Luba wasn’t as big here in the states as in her homeland of Canada. I’m not sure why, I think her voice is beautiful. I am going to pull this album out and listen to songs that have been silent for too many years. Thank-you for sharing, your music choices are so enjoyable.

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