Something different!

I have used the Saturday Post, for quite a while now, to simply share music that I really like. Whereas a large proportion of  my music loves are from the popular music genres, I do have a significant number of classical pieces.

The majority of people I know claim to not like classical music. Some base that view on experience of a piece that did nothing for them, but many have no basis because they have never been introduced to it.

I can understand the reasoning for not liking classical music. If you look at popular music, it’s structure is very simple (i.e. verse – chorus – verse – chorus), and it tends to last 3 to 4 minutes. Many classical pieces are of a complex structure and may well last for 15-20 minutes (or more!).

I cannot relate to many classical pieces after only a single listening because nothing appears to make sense. Six listenings later may be very different but, after the first listening, why would I want to? It is usually because some small part of it aroused my interest, sufficiently enough to listen a second time (and a third time etc.).

The link below is a compromise! It is most certainly classical music, and lasts for just over 2 minutes. It is lively (I like lively), and it starts with a very short and simple melody (let’s call that home). Just in case you were not familiar with home, it is repeated. You then go off on a small adventure, but soon return home again. You then go off on other adventures but, after each one, you return home and, after the most complex adventure of all, you return home to stay!

Give it a chance. Who knows, you might also really like it!

Francois Couperin (1668 – 1733) wrote it in 1713, so it is really old!


It’s Saturday!

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“The Mary Ellen Carter”

In earlier Posts, I have mentioned that I used to frequent our local Folk Club (in 1960’s England) on a regular basis. I have always liked Folk music and, when I came to Canada, it was no surprise that once I had been introduced to the Folk music here (specifically Easy Coast music), I loved it. Continue reading