“My Dream”

Many of you already know that my book “Just Thinking” (a non-profit venture) has recently been released, and I must therefore promote it on a regular basis! For recent Followers, it is a book of simple verse (I get confused with complex stuff!) depicting various aspects of life, and is intended to be a “pick me up when you have a few moments” kind of book!

Given the recent racial incidents in the US; the violence in Burkina Faso; recentย  random acts of violence and terrorism in various other countries, and we can only guess at what is not being reported by the news media… below is a link to my reading of “My Dream”, which is of course included in my “Just Thinking” book (available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats).

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  1. Your “My Dream” has now become my prayer. You speak aloud my innermost hope for a future where peace will triumph. Hearing this beautiful verse spoken by you is a gift. Thank-you!

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