The Internet! Peace!

Our world today seems to be a rather unstable place, and one that could deteriorate drastically with one foolhardy, thoughtless, arrogant or just plain stupid move. Sadly, it seems little different from the world in which I grew up, so I must conclude that we, as a species have not learned much over the past 50 years or so.

We are still “fighting for peace” (it has not worked to date!);Β  we are still discriminating against “differences”; we are still protesting against these factors…. and we are still not being heard. For all the publicity covering the CND* marches in the 60’s, I have to wonder whether there were any tangible positive results.

It would be so easy to continue rambling on and creating a very negative and depressing Post, but there is one huge difference between the 1960’s and today….. the internet! The internet can be whatever you want it to be. A place for social chit-chat; a place for research; a place for entertainment but, most importantly, a place to express yourself to the world.

For those of us believe that we should all (everybody in the world) be able to live reasonably comfortably, in safety, and with our basic needs met, the internet should be our voice. Where is it different from public protests and marches? It has the potential to reach far more people.

If only 20 of you like this Post enough to create a similar Post, link to this one, or otherwise promote it. If 20 of your Followers do the same…….! Basic math will tell you that the number of people reading it becomes pretty impressive very quickly.

Reviewing my Blog’s stats, I have a wonderful history of Followers as a result of Ray, my “Just Thinking” Posts and, more recently a few music based Posts. That broad range of Followers is important to me because I am simply presenting thoughts, ideas, and information to an ever expanding group of people that encompass the world.

Given the amount of people using the internet to express themselves, there is the inherent opportunities for all of us to express ourselves to further the cause of peace, compassion, and understanding to whoever is “listening”. So many problems and biases are based on lack of knowledge, so we should take the initiative where we can and take the time to explain.

Seeing from another persons perspective is a wonderful lesson in humanities, but how can I see from another persons perspective if I have no knowledge of them, their history, or their culture.

I have known a number of people who have volunteered to work in poverty stricken areas and it was interesting to learn that, while they knew what they were getting into, and while they knew what poverty meant, they all (without exception) came back with a very different perspective. It is good to understand that poverty exists, but to see it (and live with it) opens up a whole new world of compassion.

I can only imagine what it must be like to live in a war torn country; I can only imagine why families risk death to escape a country; I can only imagine what it must be like to be treated as an “undesirable” in your own country.

These are all issues which can be impacted by simply expressing yourself to the world. Our perception of the world is highly influenced by the news media, but the news media is a business and will publicize what draws readers/viewers. You and I have no such constraints, so share the good news; share your feelings about life; share your caring for fellow humans regardless of culture, color, beliefs.

As for me? I am really happy to call so many people with interesting names my blogging friends. They are all around the world, but only a Like, or a Comment, or (in some cases) an email away. Now if only we can spread that concept of friendship. Now if only we can spread the word that our wants, desires and dreams are shared by so many others. If we can do that, then we might just conclude that the world does not have to be a fearful and threatening place.

To all my Followers, I have to say that I have met only a few of you, and I may never meet most of you, but you are individually very special people who I respect deeply. Let us all keep promoting the humane aspects of our lives; let us all encourage and educate as we feel necessary. Let us all dream of peace and harmony around the world.

In Peace! Colin.

This Post was a result of reading Erika Kinds Post link below:

Be What You Want To See!

*Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

24 thoughts on “The Internet! Peace!

  1. You have nailed it – blogging really has stopped being just “writing” for me and has given this chance to form wonderful relationships and be a virtual participant in the lives of such unique and diverse people.

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    • Wonderful isn’t it! Even when you have nothing to say, somebody will say “That’s okay! We’ll be here when you do!” Have a wonderful day Prajakta, and smile at everybody! (It makes them wonder what’s going on in your life!). πŸ™‚

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  2. The eclipse – images of all those people all enthralled and amazed at the sun’s blinking – somehow makes Stonehenge seems much closer. Humans not so great and powerful after all.
    Inch by inch. There are always those who continue trudge onward – even through the occasional slide backwards. Live and let live. Agree to disagree and still be friends – now that’s actual tolerance and consideration leading towards peace and harmony
    Enjoyed your thoughts

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  3. You touched my heart with this post and I can only agree completely! Blogging has become one of my greatest blessings in widening my horizon about other cultures, areas, religions, destinies. And each individual with their individual history and life adds something to my life. The internet (and I say the blog world in particular) shows us that we are one world and it is the example in the small we wish to see in the big! I am happy and thankful my post inspired you to such a wonderful and uniting message, Colin!

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