“Crescent Moon”

“Crescent Moon” is a rather sad, and reflective, poem about a relationship that seems to have become little more than a dream. Continue reading


Jingle Bells?

This pic with Santa was taken a few years ago and, at that time, both Ray and Santa agreed on an “arms length” relationship. Continue reading

We don’t need no education!

In the context of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, it (the subject line) may be worth contemplating but, to quote the late Leo Buscaglia in one of his talks, “You cannot teach what you have not learned.” Such a basic truth! Continue reading

The Internet! Peace!

Our world today seems to be a rather unstable place, and one that could deteriorate drastically with one foolhardy, thoughtless, arrogant or just plain stupid move. Sadly, it seems little different from the world in which I grew up, so I must conclude that we, as a species have not learned much over the past 50 years or so. Continue reading

Friend or Guard?

Yesterday evening, we had finished our dinner and were watching the TV news as is our habit. As soon as Ray is satisfied that our evening “rituals” are complete, he will go over to “his” chair and curl up… but not yesterday. For some reason he decided to surprise us, and me in particular! Continue reading