I have always enjoyed the creativity that can surface with two singers. My first experience of close harmony was in the late 1950’s with the Everly Brothers. There have been many wonderful duets since then both in the pop/rockΒ  and in classical genres, but a few years ago I was introduced to the sounds of Within Temptation.

While they are apparently extremely popular in Europe, they are not so well known over here. Having heard a number of their recordings and ultimately purchased a DVD of one of their concerts, I am at a loss to know why they are not so popular on this side of the Atlantic.

“Somewhere” is one of my favorites, and is sung by Sharon den Adel, with Anneke van Giersbergen having a guest appearanceΒ  to complete the duet. Enjoy.


29 thoughts on ““Somewhere”

  1. Within Temptation from the Netherlands has been around for quite some time, since the mid 90’s if memory serves me correctly. I was introduced to their music by a friend quite awhile ago. I have never heard “Somewhere”, absolutely stunning duet. I don’t know Anneke at all, do you? Thank-you, always love your music posts!

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  2. I hadn’t come across this group before but the harmony is wonderful.
    Music and rhythm are, I’m sure, hardwired inside us. Think of our tiny brains hearing the beat of our mother’s heart well before we even take our first breath.

    Plus music seems to set down markers from the past that we think have been lost and gone forever. In witness of that, the other evening Jean and I were watching the YouTube video of Linda Ronstadt speaking about her life changes as a result of her suffering from Parkinson’s disease. She was musing about the past and how her backing band became the Eagles in the early 70s; thick end of 50 years ago! There was a a sample of the Eagles playing in the video.

    Then as sudden as a light being switched on, I recalled them playing back then and loving their music. Here they are playing live on the BBC in 1973.

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  3. Beautiful! I was thinking the same thing as Erika, reminds me of Celtic Women which I love.
    Brad told me that we actually have this CD! I learned something new again. πŸ™‚ It’s impossible for me to keep up with all the CD’s he has.

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  4. Wow, Colin! Wow! Such a powerful song. I have never heard it before nor did I know about Within Temptation. The style reminds me of Celtic Woman. I love this style and again, what an amazing power there comes over by the singers, the orchestra, and simply the whole performance. Thank you very much for sharing! Awesome!

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