… and the elephant was ready?

The elephant? How did that get into the Santa story?

Yup… Ray and I were both a little mystified, and a little amused, by this addition to the story of Santa. It does however pose a number of questions:

What happened to Rudolph and the gang?

Why was the sleigh no longer deemed necessary?

Can that container on the elephant’s back really hold all the presents?

Can elephants really travel fast enough to circumnavigate our planet?

Do we want an elephant landing on our rooftops?

So many questions! How are we all supposed to get to sleep on Christmas Eve with these issues on our minds?

24 thoughts on “… and the elephant was ready?

  1. Silly, elephants can fly. I saw one fly on a Sunday night on TV. Mom made toasted tuna sandwiches and tomato soup and we all sat in front of the set and watched a cute little elephant fly. And they do grow big enough to haul Santa and the presents so if the reindeer need a year off, why not?

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  2. Oh my! Yes, now the questions are swirling in my brain, no sleep for me Christmas Eve! 🙂
    There is another question too. What could the next fun.Christmas picture of you and Ray be? There has been a.Minion and now an Elephant…couldn’t guess what could come after an Elephant!

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