Ray Thomas

I was very saddened to hear that Ray Thomas just recently died. He was a founding member of The Moody Blues and was not only a singer/songwriter, but he also played flute and some percussion instruments. I basically grew up with The Moody Blues and loved their albums “Days of Future Passed”, “On the Threshold of a Dream”, “Question of Balance”, “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour”, “In Search of the Lost Chord”, “Seventh Sojourn”, “Long DistanceΒ  Voyager”, and “Octave”.Β  Their later albums were interesting, but those first 8 were rock classics to me, and carried me through many troubled times. I almost know them all note by note!

“And the Tide Rushes in” is a Ray Thomas song (writer and vocals) from the “Question of Balance” album. Those first 8 albums each had a theme running through them, so listening to this out of the context of the album is perhaps a little odd… but it still defines Ray Thomas’ contributions to The Moody Blues.

Ray Thomas died at the age of 76. R.I.P my friend. Your music must have impacted millions, and will no doubt continue to do so for many years to come.

27 thoughts on “Ray Thomas

  1. OMG, Colin, you scared me with this one. I read the first few words of this post and thought you were talking about YOUR Ray at first! I’m so glad you weren’t. Although I am sorry about Ray Thomas…he was certainly a gifted musical artist. Meanwhile, give your Ray a hug for me.

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  2. I too, another Moody Blues fan of long standing, was saddened to hear of the death of Ray Thomas. It also saddens me that his death is before their long overdue induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His music ensures that he will not be forgotten. Thank-you for this beautiful post.

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  3. With music playing such a integral role in your life I can understand you feeling the loss of a great musician. Brad had mentioned to me this morning about the loss of Ray as well.
    It is so special how music can help us through some of our darkest times of life.

    I was listening to some selections from the different albums you mentioned and was enjoying them. The songs drew me in. I knew you had mentioned Moody Blues before, but couldn’t remember what they exactly sounded like. Brad had reminded me that I liked the “Nights in White Satin” song.

    What I was surprised about is realizing that 2 of my favorite songs from the 80’s were by the Moody Blues! I love music, but do not remember the names of the musicians and song titles nearly as good as you and Brad do!

    I can’t say how many times I listened to the songs “Your Wildest Dreams” and “I know You’re Out There Somewhere”.
    Thank you for your tribute post to Ray Thomas and for new music to listen to as I discover more about this band of whose songs bring back memories for me. A band that I didn’t think I really knew. Shows what I know. πŸ™‚

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