It’s all in the legs!

I have Posted a few pics of Ray sleeping, simply because I find his sleeping positions interesting. I have to believe that they are comfortable positions otherwise he wouldn’t be asleep….Β  would he?

He started off the new year, in typical Ray style, by giving us a little challenge. Which leg comes from where?

If nothing else, it makes me realize how flexible I am not!

45 thoughts on “It’s all in the legs!

  1. The most photogenic dog, in any position! Love that back paw across his face, too cute. Pleasant doggie dreams for sure! Thank-you, we always love seeing Ray. Smeary kiss on Ray’s nose from Benjamin.

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    • Logically, they must like positions like that otherwise … why? Perhaps he has a wonderful sense of peace and security, for him to get into that position. When he is not so relaxed, he always has his back paws under him, presumably for an instant leaping up if necessary.


  2. It’s amazing how these big guys can get all curled up and twisted around in their effort to get as comfy cozy as possible. On the other hand I have seen Kali contort herself in the oddest and seemingly uncomfortable ways just to be near me if the space was only meant for one. The best thing about this is that they have no ego; no consideration or care of how it looks. Can you imagine falling asleep on a train or subway without care of ho you looked. Me for one am not comfortable getting comfortable for fear of drooling and a picture of an old fart taken by a stranger going viral on social media. 😬

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    • Being such a good looking dog was a major problem initially. Imagine 75lbs of German Shepherd/Rotti who really did not like to be touched, and was generally afraid of people, being approached by strangers – “Oh……. what a gorgeous dog!” We had a lot of challenges! πŸ™‚

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