Animals for testing!

Monika’s Blog “Tails Around The Ranch” has today focused on companies that still test their product development on animals. I was not surprised that so many companies still do that, even though there has been some negative publicity these past few years on such practices. I am however, very surprised at the high-profile brands listed.

A link to the Blog is below, and followed by a suggested course of action if you are averse to such testing (copied from my Comment against Monika’s Blog Post).

Blog link:

“I am not surprised that so many companies do that, because money/profit still over-rides any thoughts of ethics, integrity and just the simple humane treatment of living beings. I am surprised at the high-profile names though. I would have expected more lesser known companies. It is a shame that we don’t have the same advertising budget as those companies so we could give them some major exposure which would affect their bottom-line. Shame on all of them. Perhaps if we all wrote to the companies who make “our” products and express our respective displeasure?”

15 thoughts on “Animals for testing!

  1. “10 Shocking Facts About the Lives of Dogs Used in the Testing Industry” is an article that is included in today’s One Green Planet. I was unaware of these facts. Dogs are used mostly for toxicology testing. Shocking does not even begin to describe the atrocities these dogs endure. Some of the horrifying facts include : #1 Dogs are bred for labs, #2 Shelter dogs are bought for testing and #10 These dogs are trained to TRUST humans. I hope that you are able to read the entire content of the article.

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  2. I would think in this day and age we could easily come up with an alternative to testing on real, live animals. And it’s not just the companies that make pet food, it’s also all the animals that live in medical research labs, and worse, animals that are used in university psych studies. Often, animals in those studies have it the worst of all.

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    • That would resolve the issue extremely fast. I suspect it would also be illegal but then, given the constant push for equality in various areas, perhaps it should be made illegal to test products on animals. Perhaps our heavily Christian based society would then be a little less hypocritical. Less hypocrisy could perhaps increase interest in our churches. One very simple, basic, humane law could have huge spin-off benefits!

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  3. Very surprised at companies on this list. What a sad state of affairs. I agree….hit them in their pocketbooks. That’s a message they’ll get loud and clear!! Thanks for this information Colin.

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  4. The use of helpless, captive animals in product testing is an extremely abhorrent practice. This ranks just as highly savage as killing animals for their fur. Then again, what can one expect from a society that treats the planet as if there is someplace else to go? I agree Colin, these companies will only listen when it affects their profits. Upton Sinclair said it well : “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” We need to ensure that reduced salaries provide increased understanding. Less products purchased should speak loudly. Thank-you for sharing this message!

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