Ray’s Meds Update

Ray’s anxiety medications were reduced by another 25% just over a week ago, so he is now on 50% of his original prescription. How is he doing?

He would appear to be handling it remarkably well! We have not noticed any behavioral changes that we would consider negative at all. What we have noticed is a more outgoing attitude, in that he is more responsive to affection both in the areas of receiving and giving. We seem to have a wagging tail a little more often, although that is a more subjective observation, and we both think that he has a sparkle in his eyes that was not there before!

What we have been anticipating (based on his history), but have not seen, is a reluctance to meet other people and dogs and to resist strangers touching him.

What has not changed is his desire to chase squirrels; his aversion to cats, and his dependence on at least one of us being around. The first one we just accept as a result of his genetics. His aversion to cats is quite remarkable, and we are assuming that he had an incident with one or two in his life as a stray. The separation anxiety, while obviously an issue, does not seem to have deteriorated as a result of his meds reduction.

We are very happy with the way things are progressing and, assuming he maintains the status quo, will be reducing him by another 25% around the middle of May.Β  If all still goes well, then the next reduction (at the end of June) could well be bringing him off the meds completely! We’re obviously not there yet … but it is looking very promising. Way to go Ray buddy!

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32 thoughts on “Ray’s Meds Update

  1. Glad to hear of the positive progress! Just a “laydog’s” perspective but maybe the drugs were putting him in a bit of a fog and now that fog is lifting and that is why Ray is a little more sparkly (?). Whatever the case may be I’m glad things are going well.

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  2. Jeepers Colin, couldn’t you find something for Ray to get comfortable in?!!! Lol. That photo is hysterical. So glad Ray is handling his reduction in meds so well. Sometimes less truly is more.

    Keep up the good work Ray. You can do this. Murphy sends you a big hug and a sloppy kiss. She says if we lived close by she would bring you one of her treats.

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    • Yes he really likes the sofa, especially with the extension out to support his rear and outstretched back legs! Sometimes, we even get to sit on it! It really depends on who gets there first! πŸ™‚


    • Yes. Because dogs (and particularly GSD’s) can totally lose self-control and seriously hurt themselves, training must be very slow and consistent. It is the consistency that keeps getting in our way. We just start making progress when something else comes up which will take short term precedence over his training … which effectively puts him right back once more. As our warm weather is imminent, and assuming a number of other things are resolved, then we will start on his separation training once again very soon. πŸ™‚

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  3. Glad for such a good update. Ray’s aversion to cats stems from his Rottie half. They were bred to protect the herd and kill wild cats. Most (or many) rotties today still retain that trait. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed one forcibly pull a person across a room so it could kill a cat (and succeeded).

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    • Hi Amy – I seem to recall you have mentioned that Rotti trait before (I forgot about that …what a memory!!!). Ray does have two very powerful back legs but, too date, they have only caused strained upper arm muscles.

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        • I cannot imagine anybody under 100lbs being able to control a medium/large dog. I am 160lbs and can stop Ray, but it involves a lot of effort .. and then only if I am anticipating a reaction from him and am therefore ready. He can catch us off-guard so easily, and then his 78lbs can be very persuasive.

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