Every now and then I hear about a classically trained musician who decides to venture into the field of popular music. Vanessa Mae has maintained her professional interest in classical violin, but has also established herself with an electric violin. The following immediately got my attention … as it will, I suspect, get yours! I wonder what Vivaldi would think about the presentation?

16 thoughts on ““Storm”

  1. Totally unrelated to this marvelous music, but I wanted to say Happy Earth Day to Ray and you and Carol too! I hope that you were able to see today’s Google Doodle with Dr. Jane Goodall…I loved it!

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  2. Vanessa-Mae first caught my attention as an Olympian skier in 2014. Upon discovering that she was more known for her classical violin music, I was captivated. You chose an excellent powerful piece to share today. Thank-you!

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