Dog Walk Therapy!

I have seen a few people who do not seem to be enjoying their walk with their dog, but so many others clearly do enjoy that time with their furry friend. It crossed my mind the other day, while on a walk, just how therapeutic a dog walk can be.

We get exercise!  It may be low heart-rate exercise, but it is still valid exercise.

We meet people who are friendly. Well, to be honest, my experience suggests  that they are friendly because of Ray … but I’ll take that as positive.

We can guarantee putting smiles on a few faces during the walk. Again, I think it is Ray that is instrumental here, but I’ll take it also as positive.

It’s a great opportunity to talk, assuming you have a partner/friend/relative with you but, if not, you can talk to your dog. Ray and I have had many conversations, and he is always attentive.

You may be able to stop and get a latte (or whatever is your choice), and then sit and relax, and probably continue discussing things, such as the meaning of life,  with your dog.

All other conditions permitting, it could even be an opportunity to dwell on personal issues, or work challenges, or your goals for the future!

Your dog probably conned treats from you throughout the walk as he/she decided to display the traits that you thought he/she would never grasp, so you are both very pleased with yourselves.

You have a very happy dog because, not only did his/her nose do a lot  of work, and not only is he/she now up to date with the local canine news, but a nap could be the reward at the end (perhaps for both of you?).

For those people who think that walking the dog is a chore that simply intrudes on their life, think again. It clearly has therapeutic value in so many ways!

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  1. I can personally vouch for – “We can guarantee putting smiles on a few faces during the walk. Again, I think it is Ray that is instrumental here, but I’ll take it also as positive.” and I assure you that it is because of Ray!

    I stay in a very pet-friendly place and I see so many dogs every morning. I know most of them – although I don’t even remember their humans 😀

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  2. Walking Murphy is the best time of the day. Between my bad back and joints, and Murphy with only three legs, I’m sure we keep the neighbors entertained as we go by!! Lol. She constantly looks up at me as if to say, “You gonna make it because I can’t carry you!” And we have the best conversations during our walks.

    There’s a special bond that forms between a dog and their human when they walk. No dog owner should miss out on that if at all possible.
    🔹Ginger 🔹

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  3. I love my walks with Maggie. It’s good exercise for me (and her) and cheaper than the gym. I’ve always felt that when you’ve got a dog, you make new friends as they are a great ice breaker. I talk to Maggie en route, telling her she’s a good girl, that the patch of grass she’s sniffing so attentively is where she peed before, tell her NOT to chase the ducks, which she did the other day (a first) so it was the naughty step and withdrawal of privileges. If I’m out and she’s not with me, I’m a pushover for anyone with a dog and always ask if I can say hello. There are so many dogs here, and I’m getting known by them all! I swear she sulks when she can smell ‘the opposition’ so then it’s a case of ten minutes of ‘Mummy loves you best’ therapy. Sometimes they are worse than children!

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  4. I don’t have a dog but I am much more likely to talk to people with dogs and than without on my walks. There is always something to learn. One neighbor has two wheaten terriers who are gorgeous but very yappy. They love smelling me (and why not? I smell of cats!) and love the attention. The owner never knows what to make of it but they do favor me from other walkers.

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  5. You are so very right! Walks with our dogs have cleared my head many times when alone and has provided great conversation when with my husband and/or kids.
    There have been many serious conversations to work through some things. Plus many simple, peaceful, and ntertaining ones. And our dogs always show great enthusiasm to go on a walk. Each time we go you would think its their first time by how excited they get. We both come back feeling refreshed. A win-win! 🙂

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