“Soon” (Our reason to be here)

Yes is a band which took some getting used to. From my perspective, their recordings ranged from rampant percussion with extraneous accompaniment, through to very melodic and thought provoking pieces. “Soon” is, not too surprisingly for those who know me, considered to be in the latter category! Enjoy.

12 thoughts on ““Soon” (Our reason to be here)

    • Hi Rodney. Yes …. it is a wonderful song/melody package which Jon Anderson presented very well. Some of Yes’ material I have to wonder about, but then then are quite a few of these gems to be found as well.


  1. When Brad found out this was your song for Saturday, he smiled and started singing it. Yes, he likes “Yes” 🙂
    I am not exactly a fan of their music BUT this song did stand out to me.May be a “Yes” song that I like. . I never know what to expect from your Saturday music posts.

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    • If the first Chris De Burgh song you heard was “Patricia the Stripper”, you probably wouldn’t have thought much of him either. You should always try a variety before you dismiss an artist/band as not “fan worthy”. So many people will not give Classical music a chance because they heard something they didn’t like. If they only persevered with numerous pieces, they would realize just how short sighted they had been.


      • I must admit that you made a very good point. As you probably guessed, my curious mind had to look up the song “Patricia the Stripper”. Yes, I don’t believe I would have had the urge to go and look up other songs of his, if that would have been the first song I had heard by him.

        The first song I had heard by him was “Up in Heaven” on one of your posts. They are 2 quite different songs, but the same artist. As you know, I have greatly enjoyed many of his songs! Think what I may have missed out on, if I would have based my impression of him on the song that you had mentioned.
        OH, I am having unexpected lessons today!

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  2. This is a magnificent Saturday selection. I had the Relayer album for years, until my Son decided to add it to his collection of oldies. “Yes” and the split group “Yes Featuring…” still confuses me. Thank-you!

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