US History!

The Skiffle sound caught my attention in the mid/late 1950s, with Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffle Group! The rhythms were contagious to me, then in my early/mid teens, but the lyrics were of little interest.  They simply justified the rhythms!

I loved the sound so much though, that the first records that I ever bought were of Lonnie Donegan (“Cumberland Gap”, “Jack of Diamonds” and “Gamblin’ Man”), but the first one that got my interest lyrically was this one. Not only was it an education in US history, but it also told a story which clearly included a lot of drama! Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “US History!

  1. The song that I remember when I hear the name Lonnie Donegan is “Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?” “The Grand Coulee Dam” is a toe tapper and the video is a visit back to the days of long ago…a smile maker. Thank-you!

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  2. I have heard many songs about the U.S. but can’t remember ever hearing this one.
    We should have learned about the Grand Coulee dam in school, but I guess I forgot, I only remember the Hoover Dam. I looked it up and sadly 77 men met their “watery grave” while building it.
    Learning about U.S. History from a Canadian. You just never know, do you! 🙂

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