A Simple Melody.

I find music fascinating. A song’s lyrics can take you into your history, or your anticipated future. It can arouse tears of sadness … or joy, and can cause excitement … or simply be a sedative.   When there are no lyrics to guide your thoughts, a melody can often do the same.  I have had tapping feet and fingers from a melody, and I have also relaxed to the point of going to sleep!

Music is, to me, a means to an internal adventure …  an exploration of me. It allows for retrospective thoughts, and for mental health breaks.  It can provide a welcome diversion at the most opportune moments, but can also cause a focus on the music itself in which the composer’s perspectives may be considered. Music can create the necessary ambience for romance, just as it can be a perfect motivator for repetitive work!

“A Simple Melody” (below) was written with the above thoughts in mind, and a feeling of sadness for the many people who see music as nothing more than a background to their lives.

To hear words from music,

How wonderful that must be;

Or to have beautiful dreams,

From a simple melody!


To feel emotions rise

At the whim of a chord,

And to live out a story

Where truth is the word.


To see compassion flow

As freely as the rain,

And to see smiles created

From a simple refrain.


Oh how I wish I could hear those silent words!

Oh how I wish that I could see,

A world where peace and love prevail…

And all from a simple melody!

“A Simple Melody”, and many other thought provoking and easy to read poems about life, are in my book “Just Thinking” (link below). “Just Thinking” is a not-for-profit venture, and is available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats. It can be purchased on-line direct from Friesen Press Bookstore, and from all other major on-line book retailers.

12 thoughts on “A Simple Melody.

  1. The gentlest of melodies can also be the most powerful. Music can soothe our soul, heal our pain, make us laugh or cry, and bring forgotten moments into focus. How sad a world would this be if the music stopped? Unthinkable!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  2. The power that a “simple melody” can have is wonderful indeed.It may not bring about world peace,(just yet) but it helps create peace. I believe that’s why its played in medical waiting rooms and in Counseling offices.

    One of the sweetest memories I have is watching an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s play the piano. She couldn’t remember what she had just ate a hour ago, but she can remember songs that she played years ago. She may have been agitated just a little bit ago, but she is calm as her hands move over the keys.

    Its just as powerful to watch a group of elderly residents singing along with the piano or music from a radio. Their voices may be a little hoarse and scratchy, perhaps a little off key, but oh its so beautiful to see their faces. A light comes to their eyes as they go back in time remembering all the words to some of their favorite songs.

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