Guide Dogs & Burgers!

Many of you will remember from earlier Posts that we have a Guide Dogs Training Facility about a 5 minutes walk away. It is operated by The Lions Club of Canada, and the dogs are provided at no cost to the ultimate owner regardless of their location within Canada.  Raising funds is therefore an ongoing program, and one of those funds raising events is a “dog walk” in which dog owners are invited to participate for a nominal charge and will (hopefully) make a donation to the organization. Business sponsors are also involved.

We totally support this event, and our first walk was covered in the Post linked below:

This year, the walk was yesterday (May 27). We walked over to the facility and registered … and then wandered around until the time came for the formal start. The scene was much the same as previous years, with dogs (of all shapes and sizes) with their owners (of all shapes and sizes). Many of the dogs were obviously pets, while others were wearing their “guide dog” vests, and there was a liberal “sprinkling” of guide dog puppies!  The one thing that was different this year, was that Ray was on half the anxiety medication that he was on last year!

Ray tried to help himself to some treats off a vet’s promotion table but, other than that, he was very good. He did show quite an interest in a bbq that was being fired up for a hamburger company that was supporting the event … and then the walk started.

As soon as Ray realized that we were heading away from all the food, he came to a stop and sat down! After much coaxing, he started moving again, but he was clearly not too impressed with the walk route.

After probably 15-20 minutes, we had looped around to an intersection where the intent was to turn right; cross a bridge, and enter our downtown core however, we were not too far from the Guide Dogs facility if we crossed straight over the intersection.

Ray made the right turn and then stopped and sat down once again. This time, he clearly meant business (and was providing reason for smiles from other participants as they passed us). It was suggested that we just pick him up! (Yeh right! Close to 80lbs of dog who obviously had an agenda of his own).

There are times when we just decide to let him choose where to go, and then we follow with interest As many of you will have guessed, he took us through some side streets and right back to the hamburger stall with the bbq!

Needless to say, we all enjoyed the food and, with Ray making the decision he did, we were one of the first few people to order our burgers! There was no lineup for us! Thanks Ray.

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  1. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”…better to prevent the possible loss of a burger by eating first, there is always time for walking later. Ray is very clever, eat and then maybe walk it off. You just have to love this guy! Great photo! Thank-you!

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  2. What on earth were the event people thinking? Grilling hamburgers when dogs were supposed to be walking away? The only surprise is that more of the dogs didn’t object!

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  3. Who’s a good boy? Why Ray, of course! He knew you’d be upset if you had to wait on a long line for a hamburger. He’s not only learned self-control (well, except when anything edible is left out within his reach!), but he’s learned to be considerate with his people. He deserves an extra belly rub don’cha think?
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  4. LOL! Ray is so smart. He probably was thinkin how crazy Carol and you were to walk past the grilled hamburgers. How he has to work so hard to train you guys. 🙂
    Kudos to him for doing so great with the other dogs and people that were there.

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    • Hi Kate. We realized in our first dog walk (May 2015) that his attitude towards other dogs was heavily influenced by their attitude to him (sounds like a human trait!). Those dogs were so well behaved that Ray immediately relaxed and participated happily. Your first sentence made me smile, because that is exactly what we thought later. He wanted us to beat the lineup for our burgers! 🙂

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