Pick a friend!

If you introduced me to a small group of people and then asked me to pick one as a friend, I would probably look at you rather oddly. Continue reading


Ray’s Meds Update

Ray’s anxiety medications were reduced by another 25% just over a week ago, so he is now on 50% of his original prescription. How is he doing?

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Some things haven’t changed!

Below is a copy of a Post from April 2015. Reading that Post, and reflecting on Ray’s life journey with us, I had to conclude that the recipe for having a happy home with a dog in it, is no different now than what it was when I wrote that Post. Continue reading

More Winter! More Ray!

The pic below was taken just after the Wednesday Post’s pic! Ray’s feet and “rear” are clearly immune to cold temperatures as he quite happily stands still, or sits, in the snow when requested to do so. Continue reading