“Elusive Dreams”

“Elusive Dreams” is copied from my book “Just Thinking” (link via book cover over in right column). All the poems in the book are very easy to understand. Some may provoke thoughts about life in general, or perhaps about your own life experiences, but none will leave you wondering “What on earth was that about?”!

If you are interested in a book which can be picked up as time permits, and put down a few minutes later, then consider “Just Thinking” – A little book, for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts. A great gift for that special friend, or to casually position on your coffee table to arouse interest in guests while you are busy elsewhere!

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Now … imagine yourself at home, on your own, on a cold winter’s night. You are curled up in your favorite chair reading a book; have a hot drink on the table beside you, and a wood fire crackling in front of you. You are totally absorbed in your book when suddenly, your focus is interrupted by a muffled knock on your front door. You get up and, wondering who would be visiting at this time of night, go to the door and open it.

I was so surprised to see you

Standing at my door.

No smile upon your face,

Just… “Hello”,

And nothing more.

You sat down by the fire

And I sensed a need to talk,

So… don’t go to sleep on me now.


You talked of days gone by,

Of dreams, of friends and of change;

Of our adventures long ago,

And of our walking in the rain.

Your eyes then clouded over,

As you stumbled through your thoughts.

Don’t go to sleep on me now.


Don’t go to sleep on me now.

You’ve clearly so much more to say.

I know you’re very tired

But… believe me when I say that

I’ll be with you all the way…

And until you smile again.

Just… don’t go to sleep on me now.


I watched you quite intently

As you tried to find the words,

Expressing anger, pain and loss,

Disappointments and fears.

I watched the tears run down your cheeks,

And I watched your eyelids close.

Don’t go to sleep on me now.


Dawn is fast approaching.

I know that soon you must leave

To go on with your journey,

And to chase your elusive dreams.

My heart will always be with you,

Wherever you may go.

So rest… go to sleep on me now.

Go to sleep on me now.

26 thoughts on ““Elusive Dreams”

  1. Actually, I’m not 100% sure of what I read. (It’s nothing bad. Actually, I like the fact that it evokes different scenarios in my head.) Was it a long lost love? Or was it an estranged family member? Was it really about sleeping, or about someone dying?
    I think you don’t give yourself enough credit, when it comes to your poetry.

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