Ray’s new store!

At the end of last week, we took Ray on an evening walk to our downtown area. He followed his usual pattern of taking us to various stores that have treat potential, while navigating his way to Lululemon where a biscuit is virtually guaranteed. He was successful!

As is our routine with him, we then crossed over the road and headed back which took us passed “his” bank. Generally, his walk then becomes a routine check of various water bowls, which some stores put out, until we get home … except on this walk!

We were almost out of our downtown core when we passed the open door of a relatively new store. My immediate reaction to the store was one of some distaste because of the smells coming out. The store was in the business of natural oils for various purported health related issues, and I have little time for scents, air fresheners, or other chemicals that I am going to be inhaling.

As we walked passed the open doorway, the leash suddenly went very tight. Ray had stopped, and was just standing at the doorway and looking in.  Carol and I stood there watching him, and wondering what could have got his attention in that kind of store. We will never know the complete answer, but a partial answer would seem to be that he wanted to get the attention of the two young ladies who were working there. We then heard “Hey!” from inside the store, and Ray started pulling through the doorway. I guess “Hey!” and “Ray!” do sound similar?

We followed him into the store, and he went straight up to the young ladies. They petted him and generally gave him a lot of attention, but my thoughts were on how he will behave when he realizes that they don’t have any treats for him.

The problem was instantly resolved when one of the ladies asked if it was okay to give him a treat! How did Ray know? Among all the scents coming out of that store, surely he could not have detected a dog treat?

Needless to say, He left the store a very happy dog, and left behind two very happy young ladies and … bonus … I managed to leave them two cards promoting my book about Ray! This “boy” is full of surprises!

30 thoughts on “Ray’s new store!

  1. Ray’s sense of smell and intuition is absolutely amazing. I am sure the two ladies enjoyed petting Ray who got to make new friends and an evening treat with his walk 🐶 Woof woooof 🐶

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  2. I am sure he smelled the treat even amongst all the other heady scents. A dog’s sense of smell is astounding. Also, he probably didn’t want to pass up any chance of making new friends. 😀

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