“Just a Man”

So many of us (perhaps all of us) have experienced times when our lives made no sense to us at all. Perhaps it was the residual effect of a traumatic experience, or perhaps we just found ourselves in  a state of absolute confusion.  What does one do when life appears to be pointless? What does one do when one feels isolated from the world around us? Sometimes clarity can come from a total stranger.

“Just a Man”

He listened;

He understood;

He befriended;

He cared.


All the courage he gave me,

By just being there,

Made me feel like

I wanted to live.

He gave me so much

Yet… had so little to give…

But his time.


I realized later

There was so much more.

I was indebted to that man

And… what’s more,

To experience the caring of someone unknown

 made me wonder.

Who else was out there alone?


History, thankfully, speaks for itself.

The evidence to me is quite clear.

Were it not for one man

Who held out his hand,

 Would I even be here?


Would I even be here

To write these words?

Would I even be here to care

About others less fortunate.

The hungry; The sick;

And the ones for whom no one is there?


He opened my world

To a life of compassion.

He gave me a reason to live.

He made me see that…

Through the trials of my life,

I could help,

And I am so glad that he did.


I met a girl from the street,

Selling red roses simply so she could eat.

I met a man jilted by another.

I met a lost soul,

Who had nowhere to go,

And an old lady

Who just dreamed of going home.


For all their differences,

They had much in common.

They all just wanted a friend.

Someone to talk to.

Someone who would listen.

Someone with time to spend.


I listened;

I understood;

I befriended;

I cared.

(Thank you Samaritan, Rev. Philip Cawood, St. Mary’s Church, Peterborough)

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“Just a Man” is taken from my book “Just Thinking” (click cover in column [may have to scroll up] on right for more information). The book contains many more pieces about life’s challenges, relationships, and even a few about our almost 80lbs of rescued attitude in the form of a German Shepherd/Rottweiler named Ray!

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  1. This is incredible, Colin – I am sure many of us have gone through such phases and hopefully, many of us have been lucky enough to draw an inspiration to get back up.

    Belated Congratulations on your new book 🙂 I have been incredibly ignorant of the world off late 😦 Hoping to correct it now!

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