A Dog’s Life?

As many of you already know, Ray’s separation anxiety is still an issue. This means that he goes everywhere with us, which in turn means that our options for going out for dinner are very limited.

We have a very nice restaurant that allowed Ray on their sidewalk patio (pressure from the servers was successful … they all love Ray!), but this year the patio layout changed which presented a problem.


We were out walking Ray downtown the other day, and it was getting close to dinner time. Both Carol and I were thinking about a lovely beer which that restaurant served, and thought that if they could accommodate Ray, then a brief stop would be wonderful before heading home for dinner.

The manager was agreeable subject to him moving a large plant pot to give Ray (and us) an exit route (if necessary) without walking the length of the patio. We duly sat down and made ourselves comfortable. Two of the server ladies came out to say hello to Ray, one of which took our beer order!

It is our experience that when in a restaurant simply for a drink, it does no harm to at least look at the menu. There may well perhaps be an item that would really compliment the drink after all! The more we looked at the menu, and the closer we were getting to our dinner time, the more attractive the idea was to stay there for dinner … but what to do about Ray?

We studied the menu for quite some time when our server came to us and asked if we had decided on anything. I had noticed that they offered grilled chicken as an add-on to salads, so I asked “Can that grilled chicken be served without spices … for Ray?”

We ordered our meals and, while we were enjoying our particular dinners, Ray was loving being fed his grilled chicken (we pre-cut it into small pieces).Β  Of course we had to plan our consumption so that all three of us finished at the same time, but it all worked out very well.

If I recall correctly, that was probably the first time that we have actually ordered off a menu for Ray, as weΒ  normally plan ahead and take Ray’s food with us. A dog’s life? Yes … and a pretty good one!

62 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life?

  1. Who could look into that beautiful face and not be mesmerized by those eyes? Ray did quite well with eating out, no need of a doggy bag for him! Everyone needs spur of the moment adventures now and then. Thank-you!

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  2. Good for you – when we order breakfast out, there’s a local restaurant and the kitchen staff know that when an order for 2 poached eggs in a takeaway container is received, they should come out and say ‘hi’

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  3. Lovely post Colin, and so glad the restaurant could accommodate Ray a la carte. My parents dog has his own ice cream (in a dish!) and when we were here last year house hunting and in the B&B, they kindly did a scrambled egg for Maggie on our last morning.

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