Ray on Facebook?

“Colin, I was just reflecting on my FB life and realized the person I talk to most is an 80 lb. German Shepherd mix named Ray. Coincidence? I think not.”

The above was copied off an FB account, and presents an interesting picture of the social media. I can well imagine that there are quite a few people who spend as much (if not more) time chatting with animals, than they do with other humans. Of course, that should not be surprising given the traits of the average animal vs the traits of the average human.

The scenario does fall down rather badly when one considers the average dog’s ability to use our various communication devices. The inevitable question to the writer of the above comment would have to be “How do you know it is Ray on the keyboard?”

The next time you believe you are chatting with Ray, think it through carefully because he is more likely to be doing this …

… or this …

… or this!


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