“Crescent Moon”

“Just Thinking” (A little book, for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts), was published in the latter part of last year and has already earned some interesting comments. One of the pieces (“Adrift”) was selected as a discussion point for students during National Poetry Month (USA).

It was my goal to portray, in quite simple poetic verse, life as I have experienced it which, it is my belief, is not much different to how you are experiencing your life. The reviews (amazon.com) repeatedly confirm that the reader was able to relate to a number of circumstances portrayed, which would suggest that my goal was achieved.

Below is “Crescent Moon”, which is taken from the book. Does it portray a lost love, or is it just fantasizing over an imaginary love? Perhaps it is simply wishful thinking?


One day…

We’ll meet again.


I’ll hear your footsteps

And know that you’re there.


Under starlight…

Dreams we will share.



One day…

We’ll meet again.


I hear you calling.

A cry in the night.


So many borders.

You’re out of reach

And out of sight.


When there were many clouds in my sky,

And darkness hid the starry light from my eyes,

You were there for me… my dear friend,

But we’ll be together soon…

Under a crescent moon.



One day…

We’ll meet again.


I know I’m dreaming

Just pretending you’re there.


There’s so much darkness…

Will this night ever end?

For more information on “Just Thinking”, please select/click the book cover in the column to the right.


4 thoughts on ““Crescent Moon”

  1. I don’t believe in an afterlife but I wished that I did! For this poem stirs those inner wishes, those inner very private thoughts, that in an afterlife I will meet again all those dogs I have loved, and my very beautiful, precious Jeannie!

    Just Thinking is a very lovely book! Well done, Colin.

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