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An interesting aspect of writing fiction is simply … it is fiction! A story can theoretically go in whatever direction the writer wishes. I note “theoretically”, because what surprised me with The Odessa Chronicles was how often the characters would seem to take charge of a story. In fact, I was caught totally off-guard by it so many times that, after one epic story about Odessa (she leaves Moonbeam Farm to go on an adventure into her past in order to rediscover herself), I decided to chat with her about the story. The following is copied from The Odessa Chronicles.

*** ***** ***

Odessa Interview No.1

Colin: Welcome, Odessa, and thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me to chat about the epic story “Odessa’s Journey”.

Odessa: No problem, Colin. I had a great time, and I totally trusted that you would ensure no harm came to me.

Colin: Once you knew that I was having you leave the farm, what did you think?

Odessa: Well, I had no idea what to think, because I had not seen the later parts of the story. In fact, I don’t think that you had even written the ending at that time.

Colin: I thought it was a nice idea to have Hermione bid you farewell before you took flight over the Big Water.

Odessa: Yes, that was nice. I really like Hermione and her mom, but then … they are also Barn Owls!

Colin: How did you feel about being written into a flight over the Big Water, when nobody knew how big it was?

Odessa: Well, it was a scary thought at first, but again, I had to trust that you would keep me safe.

Colin: Towards the end of your first flight over the Big Water, things were getting pretty desperate. What were you thinking then?

Odessa: At the time that I was struggling to stay in the air, I was a little worried as to how you were going to keep me from hitting the water, but I had to trust you. Of course I knew that you would not want my story to end that quickly as it had so much potential didn’t it.

Colin: What did you think about the idea of bringing your mom into the story to save you from crashing into the water?

Odessa: Oh, that was lovely. As I never knew my mom in the traditional sense, it was so nice to meet her, if only in spirit. I was rather surprised, when I read the story, that my dad had no place in it. What happened there?

Colin: Good point, Odessa, and it was a simple oversight. When the story was finished, and most of it had been posted in Carolyn’s Blog, I realized that I had missed an opportunity to expand on the story. However, perhaps I can write your dad into a future story. Any thoughts about your return journey that you would like to share?

Odessa: Well, yes … you could have gone into a lot more detail. You could have included me seeing Florence coming towards me and taking my weight as she tried to fly me home. You could have described us falling into the water from my perspective, and then how I saw little Hermione coming up, and how she tried to keep us afloat. You could have covered me seeing the boat getting ever closer, and then hearing Dewey and Jaxon, and finally, how the man-servant pulled me and Florence out of the water. You really did miss out on lots of points of interest, and after all, you did call this “Odessa’s Journey” so I think that I should have been the focus throughout the story!

Colin: You make some good points, Odessa, but the thing is, Carolyn was being a bit of a pain, always wanting to know when it was going to end, so I tried to compromise between writing a good story and keeping it as condensed as possible. Perhaps next time I won’t say anything until it is completely done. How about the reunion at the farm, Odessa? Did you like it?

Odessa: I was so relieved when I saw what you had written in those last two parts. Anything was possible, of course, but I really wanted to be back in the farmhouse, and later go back to the barn with Jaxon. Oh … before I forget … thanks so much for letting me challenge the man-servant again. I love doing that. I love giving him a hard time!

Colin: Well, Odessa, it was a pleasure, and a little unusual, to be talking to a character in a book … and a Barn Owl at that, but I enjoyed hearing your views on the story.

Odessa: No problem, Colin. It was a little unusual for me too, given that you not only orchestrated my whole journey, but also wrote this complete interview. It was my pleasure to be your Barn Owl in the story.

*** ***** ***

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7 thoughts on “The Odessa Interview!

  1. Cute idea, but it is unfortunate to me that someone would use this as an opportunity to belittle his co-author, even under the guise of a playful interview.

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    • What an interesting perspective. Neither of us consider it belittling in any way, but merely bringing human idiosyncrasies into the story. Given that we all have idiosyncrasies. what better way to confront and accept such traits than in childrens stories. As for disguising such traits? I cannot think of any reason why we would need to do that.


    • I was puzzled when I first read your comment. I can assure you that I did not feel belittled at all! Colin and I are great friends, we respect each other and we had a lot of fun writing the book.
      I think Colin explained it well in his comment, we all have our idiosyncrasies. One of mine is having a hard time with patience when I am really curious about something, I can willingly admit that I can be a “pain” sometimes as I anxiously wait!
      I hope that helps to clear things up for you and brings you to a better understanding.

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  2. Odessa is always such a delight to talk to, isn’t she! Though the man-servant may not always agree, especially during the times when she challenges him.
    I do remember very well the story of her leaving the farm and what I was thinking as I “patient …”, perhaps not so patiently, waited to see what you had in mind. 🙂

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