Poetry? Nah?

I have never liked poetry! It is probably because the poetry I was introduced to through the school years left me puzzled. I did not understand any of it. More recent poetry often leaves me unmoved, because of an excessive use of “flowery” adjectives which successfully divert my attention from any message coming from the poem itself.

So why did I write a book of poetry? Because I thought it would be nice to have a book of poetryΒ  “out there” which was simple enough to understand; which generally made it’s points clearly, and were heavily based around my own life experiences… some of which may well be similar to your life experiences!

Example: When in my early 20’s, I reached a point where I was totally out of synch with the world, and started to question my own existence. Was life worth it? A chance encounter (was it really?) resolved my dilemma and effectively changed my life. The full story (poem) is called “Just a Man”, and is in my book “Just thinking”.

Example: My Mum was raised in Birmingham (UK) and her Dad worked on a farm. In the early/mid 1900’s, a formal education was not considered vital. She worked her way through life working as a seamstress for various theatre companies, and as an usherette in a local cinema as necessary. She never drew attention to herself, but quietly worked away in the background of our lives.Β  A tribute to my Mum “Mom with the Laughing Eyes” is in my book “Just Thinking”.

Example: Over 30 years ago, I had a cat named Skeeta. I was very attached to Skeeta, but she was not with us for too long due to health reasons. Ray is now prominent in my life, and he aggressively dislikes cats. Ironically, Skeeta may have saved Ray’s life in a rather unique way. The full story (poem) is called “Skeeta’s Legacy”, and is in my book “Just Thinking”.

Example: A couple are having serious relationship problems, and arrange to get together to talk out their differences. “Adrift” documents their meeting, and is in my book “Just thinking”.

Example: I worked for just over two years as a volunteer in the Crisis Intervention Unit in Toronto East General Hospital. That was an education in so many ways, but the proverbial “icing on the cake” was when a suicide intervention was successful. The full story (poem) is called “The Volunteer”, and is in my book “Just Thinking”.

There are so many aspects of my life covered, that most people will surely find something in “Just Thinking” that will trigger some thoughts of their own.

For more information about “Just Thinking” (it is a “non-profit” venture), please select/click the book cover in the right side column. If you decide to do that … I thank you.

15 thoughts on “Poetry? Nah?

  1. You didn’t like poetry, but look what happened!
    You didn’t care for fiction, but look what happened!
    You just never know when life will surprise you in a way that results in blessing others through your words.

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