“Hills of Glencar “

This is a complete change of pace from the last two Saturdays. It is particular lovely from my perspective, because the melody is very simple, and it is presented initially by vocals, and then picked up by a violin. A woodwind instrument takes if off the violin, which then passes it back to the choir and on to a lovely piano.   I really like the way that the whole piece is shared so nicely with no instrument being particularly dominant. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. I was quite pleased to see this post with music by Bill Douglas. I first became acquainted with his magnificent music in 1995’s Circle of Moons, a gift from my son. I loved it and was hooked. One of my favorites is “Forest Hymn” on A Place Called Morning. My collection also includes Stepping Stones, that I also love. He hasn’t released new music in many years, but I think a new album is on the horizon. Of late I have been into Classical music and my beloved Yanni, pure music without voices has been comforting. Thank-you!

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