“My Dream”

November 11, being designated here as “Remembrance Day” is today acknowledging that 100 years ago, a devastating war concluded. Given that we were embroiled in another one just over 20 years later does pose the question “Didn’t we learning anything about ourselves?” Here we are in 2018 and, looking as far back as the end of WWII, I once again wonder “Why are we still not getting it?”

The following poem is from my book “Just Thinking” (see over in right column for more details)..

“My Dream”

I dream of a day

When we’ll all be friends

I dream, as I look at the stars

That the world will see

That being valued and free

Is better than destruction and war


I dream of a day

When my friends are yours

Although from quite different lands

That you understand

All colors and beliefs

Can live in peace. Can hold hands


I dream of a day

Hopefully not far away

When compassion wins in the end

We’re all human after all

We all stumble and fall

Let’s help each other up and be friends


I dream of a day

When the killing has stopped

And peace prevails at last

Borders are open

Old vendettas forgotten

Past beliefs… will stay in the past


I dream of a day…

But it is only a dream

So many people will say

Perhaps I am delusional

Perhaps just a dreamer

But to survive, we must find a way


To break down barriers

To live together in peace

That will be a challenge for some

But why must we label

Our different neighbors?

Why can’t we become as one?


We all want respect

We all want freedom

Let’s open our eyes and see

That we all want the same

It’s really not complicated

It’s peace, for you and for me


I dream of a day

When world peace is achieved

When the pen is the only weapon

There will be universal love

And to the power above I’ll say

“Thank you. Our Earth has become Heaven.”


22 thoughts on ““My Dream”

  1. It is such a beautiful poem, Colin and Ray… My heart is touched deeply!

    “When compassion wins in the end
    We’re all human after all
    We all stumble and fall
    Let’s help each other up and be friends”

    Friendship hugs to you, Ray and Carol 🙂

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    • Therein is the problem. Too much focus on oneself, and not enough consideration to others which, in most religious societies is simply hypocritical. To quote from Barry McQuire’s “Eve of Destruction” song back in the 1960’s … “Hate your next door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace!” It is so disappointing that we really have not progressed too much in our core attitudes over the centuries.

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