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When I started circulating the draft of “Just Thinking”, I was confronted with a reality that I had not considered – “Poetry is a niche market area, and so generating sales will be a hard and ongoing process.” It has been (and still is) a challenging book to promote successfully, so imagine my delight when I found the review (below) from a group  known as powerfulwomenreaders, who very kindly gave me permission to copy it.

Just Thinking: A Review – Posted on powerfulwomenreaders

I read this collection of poems by blogger and author Colin Chappell as part of my celebration of National Poetry Month in April. As Colin describes his book, it is… “A little book for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts”, and producing thoughts based on his thoughts is exactly what Just Thinking did for me. I had already read and enjoyed, Who Said I Was Up for Adoption? Chappell’s account of himself and Ray, his rescued dog, so I was not surprised to find Colin was a good writer, but his poetry is outstanding.

Part 1, “My Friend, Ray,” describes many things I had read on Colin Chappell’s blog,  ,  as Colin describes, it, it tells about “one calculating dog…and one unsuspecting human.”

Part 2, “Relationships” was about just that, and my favorite poem in this section was one titled, “Adrift,” which I used with my Advanced Writing class.

Part 3 was more miscellaneous and had some fine poems in it.

Part 4, “Tina and Other Stories,” dealt with the heartbreak of “people  on the street,” with the title poem, “Tina,” a poem about a homeless woman selling flowers.

Another thing that made this collection special was that all proceeds from the sale of the book went towards Colin’s daughter’s medical expenses. (Two poems by her are included with Colin’s.)

It’s not too late to celebrate poetry even though the national recognition has ended for 2018. Purchase a copy of Just Thinking. Your life will be richer for it.


Below are links to the reviews. Over in the right column (may have to scroll down) is the “Just Thinking” book cover which links to more information about the book.

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  1. I opened this email with two intentions : 1) To learn more about your adventure in self publishing; not one, it would seem, to be undertaken by the faint of heart. 2) To return to the “Twelve Thirty” post and I shall do so. I must say that this review should encourage anyone harboring doubt to purchase “Just Thinking” and “Who Said I Was Up For Adoption?”. You should feel a great sense of pride for this accomplishment, you have earned it! Thank-you for sharing!

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