“The Wall” (not Pink Floyd’s)

I was contemplating today’s Post, when I was guided towards this video. End of contemplation!

If we cannot understand this man who has become the laughing stock of most of the Western World, we can at least use him as entertainment.

28 thoughts on ““The Wall” (not Pink Floyd’s)

  1. I played this for my eldest Daughter and she is incredulous that I am listening to something with the “colorful” language that this contains, but she loves it too! While I refrain from using more than a few of the words, it is the overall delivery of the humor that makes me hysterical. In view of what is going on in American politics, we have to find something to laugh about. As Charlie Chaplin said : “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. If you have an abundance of snow, Benjamin would love some of it. Our pitiful amount of falling snow will be curtailed when the coming higher temperatures turn it into rain! Thank-you!

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  2. Colin, I am quite positive that this is the first time that anything about Trump’s dang WALL has made me laugh, and this has me hysterically laughing! This song could not have been shared with Benjamin, but he has just departed for home as Winter Storm Harper is arriving with his long awaited snow. So, now I will sit here and listen again, then again and maybe even again…and I can not wait to share this with my family and friends. THANK-YOU!!

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