“The Village Lanterne”

Last Saturday’s music post linking to Blackmore’s Night “Windmills” triggered some interesting Comments both here, and in my world outside of the Blog!Β  A number of Comments were based on not having heard of Blackmore’s Night before, which is a sentiment that I can totally relate to as I only heard of them by chance a little over a year ago!

I always love a song that slowly builds up, and is clearly going somewhere. This video of Blackmore’s Night live in Paris gives Candice Night the opportunity to do just that and, in my case, tends to leave me totally exhausted at the end. Enjoy!


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  1. Thank you very much for making me aware of this post. What a powerful song!! It catches you from the first moment on and takes you on a journey. After a while, the journey is in you and the energies are building up. Her charismatic appearance and fantastic voice give the direction. I like the song itself but also the whole concept and arrangement.
    Have you posted it once before or did you share it with me in a comment? The song sounds familiar to me.

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  2. I completely missed last Saturday’s post, as it was amidst a bunch of unopened emails neglected during my recent prolonged illness. Yesterday’s post “The Village Lanterne” jumped out at me and I knew it must be about Blackmore’s Night. Then as I began reading, I realized that last week’s post was about them too! It is about 20 years ago that my youngest daughter was introduced to them by her then British boyfriend here in Rhode Island attending Brown University. The boy returned to England but left us with a group we had all come to love, especially my eldest daughter. She was drawn to their authentic Renaissance instruments and the costumes worn by Ritchie, Candice and their Band of Minstrels ( and the names they give themselves) as well as many of the attendees of their concerts…as did she, on the occasions that she has been able to see them. She was thrilled when Blackmore and Candice married after 19 years together in 2008. I think that she owns every single album that they have ever released. My favorite albums are “Secret Voyage”, “Autumn Sky” and the more recent “All Our Yesterdays” which has Candice’s cover of “I Got You Babe”, that is a very special song to me from one of my own long ago yesterdays! Thank-you!

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  3. I read the title and was smiling before I even heard the song. Another beautiful song, and yes the endings is awesome! Would have been great to have actually been in Paris and have seen them perform live.
    After listening to “Windmills” last week, Brad said he wanted to get some of their CD’s, I believe this is one we will be getting!

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