This is a call for help from any/all of you who love music of the late 60’s/early 70’s. Perhaps you lived through those years, or perhaps you were born later but can really relate to the songs of those times. Anyway ….

There was a group called The Wedgewoods who had a popular (at least in UK) single released in this time frame (on the Pye label I recall), and called “Peace” … and I can remember most of the lyrics:

All through the world
Men fight in every land
Each others ways
We’ll never understand
Why can’t we live
Together hand in hand
Pray now
Pray now
And bring us peace

Soon ????? have got the bomb
It’s strength we’ll never know
????? ????? nations is what we have to show
But tell me what will happen
If we ever let one go
Pray now
Pray now
And bring us peace

Russia and America
On each side of the fence
Pray now
Pray now
And bring us peace.

They also had a lovely song “Summer Love” on the “B” side (“In Summer you came to me. I fell in love with you.”)! I have a copy of “Summer Love” recorded on a cheap portable cassette player, on an equally cheap tape. It really is a terribly distorted version.

With all this information, it surprises me that I can find nothing on the internet, and I would really like a copy of both songs. While everything (no internet response) would suggest that I am dreaming all this, the tape and the lyrics are evidence that I am not! Help!

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  1. I consider myself to be somewhat of a maven in reference to music (especially from the 60s and 70s)…….(I play Song Pop every day lol)……..I can usually remember lyrics and name a song after just hearing one or two notes and not only have I never heard of that group, but the lyrics do not strike a chord (pun intended). For the record (another intended pun) I was born in 1955 so 60s and 70s music are my favorite genres.

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  2. Yes, “Help!” was a hit by a band called “The Beatles”. It was released in 1965. Now available on Amazon.

    It’s strange, but there seem to be some musicians who were famous at one time, but have now been sucked into a maelstrom of obscurity. You can’t find their stuff anywhere on the internet. I suspect they may have made a bad business deal at some point, and whoever owns the rights to their music is just hanging on to it, waiting for some opportune moment to offer it to the public.

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  3. You are someone who I have looked at as a music “genius”, compared to me at least! So I asked the other music “genius” that I know, and I’ll let you know if he has an answer for you. πŸ™‚
    I do like the lyrics that you posted, sounds like a good song!

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