Hunter Muskett was a group that I saw live at our local Folk Club in the late 1960s/early 1970s, and subsequently bought their “Every Time You Move” album … on which “Snow” is the last track. The attraction of their sound was mainly being totally acoustic at a time when the electric guitar was being explored by the likes of Jimi Hendrix.

This is such a simple song that only lasts for just over 2 minutes … and I have always loved the analogy of snowing to “winter’s small children are visiting me”! Enjoy!

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    • Well Roger … you absolutely, totally made my day!!!! I still play that album but then, why not as it is an excellent collection of songs. “Snow” and “Storm on the Shore” are my favourite tracks, but “Every Time You Move”, “Press Gang”, “Castle”, “I have a House”. “The Wait” all get high ratings from me. On top of all that ….. Hunter Muskett is still around! Wonderful! Sadly, I moved to Canada in 1975 so may never get a chance to see you guys again, but ….. one just never knows. I have not checked for newer releases, but will do as soon as soon as I finish this response. Again …. you made my day. A voice from the past, and a very strong voice at that. Take care and stay safe during these weird times we live in, and please express my belated appreciation to the band members from the 1970’s. Regards. Colin.


  1. I can add nothing to this post, except to say that this is a beautiful song! I have never heard of the group Hunter Muskett, but will certainly explore more of their music. Thank-you!

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