“Apres Toi”

Vicky Leandros won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Apre Toi” in the early 1970’s. It was released in English as “Come What May” and was very popular in England. Here we are, many many years later, and Vicky Leandros is still singing! The first video is interesting because it mixes the 1970’s version with a more recent version, so we get to enjoy the young and “not so young” Vicky sing! Enjoy.

Below is “Come What May”:

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  1. Because of my parents, I grew up with Vicky Leandros and hearing her always reminds me of my childhood. I love her voice and her special way. Thank you very much for sharing this today, Colin.

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  2. What a lovely voice she has! A catchy melody that seems familiar, but I didn’t recognize her name. I can see how she won that contest and its no wonder that she has sold so very many discs! 🙂

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