The Competition!

Yesterday I received an email from a blogger friend, advising me of a “humorous poetry” competition. Always inquisitive, I followed her link to the website, and decided to browse last years winning entries … and they were “quite different”. Poetry, like any art form (and life) is heavily influenced by ones perspectives, and my initial reaction was to decline the opportunity … but then … about an hour later, I uploaded my submission to the competition!

The Competition!

“A competition” read the email

“For poets just like you.

A little off kilter perhaps,

But if others can do it

Then you can do it too!”


An interesting thought … and I pondered

Last year’s winners I should read

Before committing to such an idea,

Who knows what will appeal to them?

I looked …. and what a surprise indeed!


The winner was sexually exploitive

A significant word used being “penis”

Then there was talk of a “nice rack”

Loads of dismal innuendos

How do I compete with such as this?


But that poem was simply a review

Of results from on-line dating

The words used, and photos displayed

What with creative writing and Photoshop

Was it any more than a desire for mating?


Really? Is that how to find love?

Really? Are you expecting the “perfect match”

Knowing the ploys of the internet in general

The spamming, the phishing … well that says it all

Because a fish is most likely what you’ll catch!


The next one was rather different

It extolled the pros and cons of a work place

But I tired very easily, probably because I am retired

And being reminded of work did not impress.

My priority now is simply … my space!


The final one I read, was very much mundane

In that it covered the frustrating “On hold”.

“Your call is important to us” scenario.

So why don’t you have the staff to answer?

I was young when this call started, but now I am ……..!


So here’s the dilemma

What subject would receive favorable reviews?

Sexual innuendos and bad language ((I know lots of both)

Thought provoking prose. Controversial hogwash

Or just write about Donald Trump … or is that fake news?


To write about life should be acceptable

But perhaps in a context of being humane

Being courteous, compassionate and non-judgemental

Understanding and accepting of differences.

Treat people like that, because I want to be treated the same


Of course there are rats out there, thinking only of themselves.

But there are also many who happily share.

Helping those who need shelter, and those who need food

The donators of money, food and other resources.

And they do it simply because they can … and they care.


Role modeling is a very powerful tool

It seems to me that if I want respect … I must give it.

My life is the result of my choices, and when there appears to be no choice?

Then it becomes my choice how to adapt … or not.

If I want a happy life, then I must live it.


I must accept things over which I have no control

I must accept the results of my actions, and not simply lay blame

Laying blame has yet to solve a problem

But rather just side steps the issue of responsibility and resolution

Until an issue is addressed then, logically, it must stay the same!


Of course I will make mistakes. We all do.

To be human means imperfections in us all

To think otherwise is unrealistic, delusional and self-destructive.

To think otherwise is to sabotage one’s own happiness.

But I will help you up if you stumble and fall.


So this poem was not about on-line dating

Not about frustrations on the phone

It was certainly not about the frustrations of work

And although I was tempted to dump on Trump

I chose to leave him alone.


I want to finish with one (perhaps) little thought.

For tomorrow, and the future  … come what may.

Treat everybody, the way you want them to treat you.

Be understanding of their differences. Be considerate.

When to start? How about, and why not, today?


Was this really a humorous poem?

Although it was certainly a very different style.

And humor is surely a matter of perspective

I think I was successful … well I know I was.

There were places when I saw you smile!


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  1. One never knows, it may win the contest. I believe that it has won with your readers! And like you said you had fun doing it, so it’s already been a win for you. Winning the contest would be an added bonus. 🙂

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    • Glad you liked it. This is not in my “Just Thinking” book, but so many other “life experiences” (including “The Volunteer” are! Why not treat yourself to some easy to understand poetic verse! 🙂

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