“Poor Man’s Moody Blues”

Another wonderful song and musical arrangement from the 1970’s (1977), this time by Barclay James Harvest. Those of you familiar with The Moody Blues album “Days of Future Passed”, and specifically the track “Nights in White Satin” will hear an immediate connection (beyond the title). Enjoy!

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  1. “Poor Man’s Moody Blues” was written after a journalist angered the band by referring to Barclay James Harvest as a “poor man’s Moody Blues”. In response, guitarist John Lees wrote a song which sounded like the Moody Blues song ” Nights in White Satin “, but in fact was cleverly not the same – the words would not fit. Justin Hayward was not pleased; meeting him years later, bassist Les Holroyd apologised for it.


  2. A pleasant song to listen to as I sip my coffee. When I first saw the title I thought it was a song by “The Moody Blues” until I read what you had posted. Thanks to you I learned of another new group now. Will look up more of their songs. Perhaps they will be new to Brad too, or perhaps I will be wrong. That happens sometimes. 🙂

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