27 thoughts on ““Tiergarten”

  1. Good Morning! I had mentioned this post to another blogger and was coming back to see if perhaps there was a visit and comment. I do not see one, but what I also do not see is a comment on your comment to my first comment that I had place at 11PM last night. I was sure that it had posted, but perhaps it was felt offensive by you and removed. Be that the case, my sincere apologies as I strive to be inoffensive and kind in all ways. Thank-you!

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    • Hi Ellen. I am usually snoring my head off around 10:30pm, so please check now. I responded to a bunch of Comments this morning! As for being offensive? Be assured that I would bring it your attention before doing anything (and I am not easily offended!). 🙂

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      • I am relieved on both counts! I have also learned another thing about this mysterious world that you bloggers inhabit, or is this one particular to you? When I placed the morning comment, my comment from last night was unseen, as was Jill’s (she, as you may have concluded, is the aforementioned blogger). One final inquiry…where are those comments from last night, or in some cases early this morning, concealed until you comment on them? I am curious by nature and hope that I am not annoying too! Thank-you!

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        • No problem Ellen – When a Blog is created in WordPress, one of the configurable options is whether to moderate Comments or just let them Post. I chose to moderate. It was a decision that I have not regretted because I have had two Comments which were objectionable and I would not want that type of Comment available for public viewing on my Blog. Having two Comments that were downright offensive since starting this blog in 2014 is not a major issue, but I still see a need to moderate because … you just never know what some idiot will write.


  2. I became a fan of Tangerine Dream upon receiving the 1972 album “Zeit”. As I have previously mentioned, I was intrigued by electronic and new age music. This song, as well as “Zen Garden” and “Yellowstone Park”, are my favorites on the phenomenal “Le Parc” album. The later released album, “Underwater Sunlight”, is another great one and favorite. When originator and leader, Edgar Froese, unexpectedly died in Jan. 2015 I feared that this might be the end of Tangerine Dream. His son Jerome, a former band member until starting a solo career and band, said that Tangerine Dream could not exist without his father. However, thanks to the dedication of the remaining members and his widow, they soldiered on. In Sept. 2017 I was gifted with the double CD edition of “Quantum Gate” that is the 50th Anniversary and first full length album since Froese’s death. It includes the cupdisc “Quantum Key” that had been released in Nov. 2015. Much of the album is attributed to Froese’s ideas and musical sketches that were started prior to his demise. It is said this album fulfilled Froese’s vision of an album that attempts to translate quantum physics and philosophy into music. It is my go to music when the angst of living in the age of Trump overwhelms me, a balm for the soul. If you haven’t listened to it, do so…I think that you will find it worthwhile. Thank-you!

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      • You are very welcome, it is my pleasure to share this bit of information with you. It has long been a source of puzzlement to me that there are so many music lovers that do not know about Tangerine Dream and their music. Whenever I have mentioned them, I have been met with “who?” or blank stares. I hope that you will let me know what you think about “Quantum Gate”! Thank-you!

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        • Hi Ellen – You asked for feedback!

          I love Classical music, but I can count on one hand the number if pieces that I instantly loved. All the others were too complex to “get” at the first listening, but there was always something that dictated playing it again. After a few listenings, they each started to make sense and I now love so many classical pieces.

          “Quantum Gate” gave me the same experience in that I could not really “get” a connection however, “Proton Bonfire”, “Tear Down the Grey Skies” and “Electron Bonfire” each dictated playing the album again. I have no doubt that after a few listenings, it will be up there with my favourites. Thanks for the referral! 🙂


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