Memories of heartworm!

Ray was at the vet clinic yesterday for his annual checkup, and some preventive meds to keep him healthy. From his perspective, he went to see Natalia, who gives him really good treats. He was not too impressed when we all rolled him over so that blood could be taken, but he is very forgiving … especially as Natalia gives him even more treats afterwards. He even tolerated her checking his heart, teeth, ears etc!  North Oakville Animal Hospital was an excellence choice of vets for our beloved Ray.

While we were there, they asked if they could take a pic for their seasonal promotion of flea, tick, and heartworm awareness, with the result appearing on their FB page with the following caption:

“Say HEY to our friend Ray (and his person Colin)! This handsome boy was in to see Dr. Natalia for his Annual Health Exam and flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. This is especially important for Ray as he had heartworm disease when he was younger – he was fortunate that his treatment in 2013 was successful, and he now enjoys good health! Welcome to the #NOAHProtectionPatrol, Ray, you could be our poster boy! Good luck in the contest, you could be our lucky winner and receive your 2019 parasite protection medications for FREE!”

Ray introduces us to the nicest of people! Anyway … I took advantage of their promotion and introduced Ray’s book, which covered his heartworm treatment in great detail, with the Friesen Press Bookstore link below (it is also available from all the usual on-line book stores).

37 thoughts on “Memories of heartworm!

    • Hi Ron. We were “on edge” throughout the 6 month treatment program, and keeping him calm (maintaining a slow blood circulation) was a challenge due to his earlier life. Obviously he survived and, probably equally obviously, we are very happy with that outcome! 🙂

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    • Yes, now he is noble and beautiful. He used to be fear aggressive, anti-social, would lunge and bark at anything that moved (which included me)! Now he is just a wonderful friend, but stubborn and a control freak. 🙂

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