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  1. The Alan Parsons Project is a name that I had not heard in quite some time, but very familiar. This particular album and song I did not know and I will have to listen to the entire album after listening to your choice. I do like the “Eye in the Sky” album and the title song is perhaps one of the most recognizable for many by sound if not by the group’s name. However, it is their debut album “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” originally released in the mid-60’s that found it’s way into the heart of my teenage son when the remixed version was released in 1987. He was a fan of Edgar Alan Poe’s tales and this album based on the life and work of Poe was a hit. The Orson Welles narration of some text from “Marginalia” that was added was part of its charm for him. Years later, the younger sister too fell under its spell and he purchased an album for her. When she heard that a Deluxe Edition 2 CD of the remastered original recording and the 1987 remix was being released in 2007, she could not wait to get it and she loves it. She played the Orson Welles narration that is on “Fall of the House of Usher” for me and it is a bonus for sure. I may be wrong, but I think my son told me that it was this album that Parsons and Woolfson considered to be their project and hence their name. Hope you had a very Happy Easter and that Ray received a big basket of treats from the bunny. Thank-you!

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    • Always love to read your Comments! If your son is not already familiar with Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” … you should perhaps introduce him to that as well! Sounds like he would really like it, but he should first listen to it at night and with the lights out!


  2. A moving song for sure. If this song represents what a lot of the album sounds like, than “Vulture Culture” may be something I want to hear more of. Who knows, perhaps Brad already has the album! πŸ™‚

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