“Song of Bernadette”

Jennifer Warnes obviously liked Leonard Cohen’s writings as she released an album (“Famous Blue Raincoat”) based on them. “Song of Bernadette” was an immediate hit with me, and I still love this arrangement of it. Continue reading

“Full Moon Man”

I fell in love with Grace Slick’s voice and song delivery when she was with Jefferson Airplane and, specifically, with her rendition of “White Rabbit”.  I later bought her solo album (“Dreams”) not knowing quite what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

“Hero of a Fool”

Here’s another song that I came across as I was transferring some cassette tapes to my laptop. It too (like the Carly Simon song “Julie through the Glass” last week) was one that I really liked … and I can only wonder why I haven’t played it for so many years. Now, in digital form, it can be played so easily! Enjoy Jennifer Rush from 1983.