“The Uexpected Hero” (Part 3)

Assuming that you have read Parts 1 and 2, please continue … and enjoy!

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Odessa landed on the ground a short distance away from the fox and started limping. The fox stopped and looked at her with curiosity. She was about to congratulate herself on a good plan, when the fox turned and once again started heading directly towards Dewey!

She watched from above as the fox got closer and closer to him. Dewey was still a few minutes away from the tree when it happened. Odessa saw the grasses part ahead of her, and a large dog with big dark brown eyes came bursting out and heading directly at the fox! She had never seen this dog before, but noticed its very plush fur coat and large bushy tail as he ran at the fox. Its deep bark would probably have been heard even from Moonbeam Farm!

As the fox turned, and ran as fast as it could to get away from the dog, Odessa followed Dewey to the tree. He climbed up to one of the lower branches, and Odessa landed next to him. “That was a little scary, eh?” said Odessa.

Dewey looked at her, but could not say anything as he was gasping for air. Soon he settled down and relaxed a little. “What was that fox’s problem?” asked Dewey.

“Probably hungry.” said Odessa. “Did you see the dog that chased the fox away?”

Dewey looked confused. “Yes, but I don’t understand. I’ve never seen that dog around here before, so it doesn’t know me. I wonder why it would do that.”

“How badly do you want to know?” asked Odessa. “I can see its tail coming through the long grasses and in our direction. Perhaps you had better stay up in the tree for the moment!”

The dog arrived at the bottom of the tree, and looked up at Odessa and Dewey. “Hi, my name is Ray. Are you guys okay?”

Odessa looked at him. “Yes, thanks Ray. My name is Odessa, and we’re fine, and really appreciated what you did. My friend Dewey here would have been in serious trouble without your intervention.”

“Great! You can understand me! I was wondering when that would happen!

Odessa was puzzled. “How did you get the ability to understand me? You know that dogs and Barn Owls communicate quite differently.”

Ray smiled. “It’s a long story, but some time ago, I bumped into a strange rabbit called Jaxon. We had an interesting conversation about life on a farm, and he decided to give me the ability to communicate with a human, a Barn Owl and a cat. He said I might find it useful in the future, although you are the first Barn Owl that has understood me.”

Odessa smiled. “I know Jaxon very well! I have no idea what he had in mind when he gave you that ability. But anyway, thanks again for helping us with that fox.”

Oh, not a problem,” said Ray. “I really don’t like foxes, coyotes, or cats!”

Odessa looked at him. “Ray! You do realize that you just saved a cat?”

Ray grinned. “No, I didn’t! I saved your friend.”

Odessa flew down to the ground. “Would you like to explain that to me?”

“Of course,” said Ray. “I saw the risks that you were taking to distract that fox from your friend. I admire that kind of concern, and felt that I could increase the chances of success if I got involved.”

“How would you feel,” said Odessa “if Dewey came down to join us here?”

Ray looked up the tree at Dewey. “Come on down, Dewey. Any friend of Odessa is a friend of mine!”

Dewey climbed down the tree, and without taking his eyes off Ray, moved next to Odessa. “Thank you, Ray, for chasing away that fox,” he said quietly.

“Not a problem,” said Ray. “Where are you guys going now, because that fox may well come back. Perhaps I should stay with you until you are both home?”

“That would be nice,” said Odessa. “We live on Moonbeam Farm. It’s about ten minutes away at Dewey’s pace.”

“Right,” said Ray. “Let’s get started! Lead on!”

Dewey, Odessa, and Ray all headed for Moonbeam Farm, and they were soon at the gate that opens into the yard.

“Well,” said Ray. “You’re home now, so I guess I should bid you both farewell and move on.”

Odessa turned to him. “Where is your home?”

“I don’t have a home,” he said. “Well … not one like yours. My home is wherever I happen to be.”

Odessa looked thoughtful. “Would you like to spend the night here? I’m sure the man-servant wouldn’t mind, and I bet he could rustle up something close to dog food for you.”

Ray turned and headed for the open gate. He then stopped, and looked back with his big brown eyes. “The man-servant is obviously a human, and I don’t trust any of them. They shout at me, and hit me with sticks for reasons I don’t understand. If I ever pass this way again though, I’ll drop in and see how you’re both doing.”

With that, he turned and trotted off into the tall grasses. Both Dewey and Odessa watched until the tip of his tail could no longer be seen.

As soon as they entered the farmhouse, Jaxon rushed over to them. “Did you have a good adventure?” he asked.

Dewey had a big smile. “Jaxon, your voice sounds so much better. Yes, we had a very interesting adventure today.”

At that moment, the man-servant walked in, and Odessa flew up and onto his shoulder. “Man-Servant!” she started. “I have a hypothetical question.”

The man-servant turned his head to look at her. “You have a hypothetical question, Odessa?”

She rolled her eyes. “You have an amazing way of talking and saying nothing, Man-Servant. What purpose was served by you repeating part of my last statement?”

“Okay,” said the man-servant, “ask me your hypothetical question.”

Odessa looked at Jaxon and Dewey, and then turned to the man-servant. “If a dog wanted to live with us here, and if Dewey and Jaxon were okay with the idea, would you agree to it?”

The man-servant was clearly surprised at the question, and then he looked back at Odessa. “If we were all in agreement, yes, of course, but why do you ask?”

“Oh … no reason really,” said Odessa. “It’s my Barn Owl curiosity.”

The man-servant shook his head. “Who wants dinner now?” he asked.

Dewey and Jaxon rushed into the kitchen. Odessa flew up onto the shelf below the window and looked out at the long grasses waving in the breeze … and wondered.

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