14 thoughts on ““For You Only”

  1. I have to laugh, because if this post was about the other half of “Yazoo”, or “Yaz” as they were known here, I could have regaled you with all sorts of facts and trivia. I have followed Vince Clarke from his days with “Depeche Mode” to “Yaz” to “The Assembly” to his since 1985, “Erasure”. Both of the “Yaz” albums are now in my Son’s possession, as he came upon them in his teens and took a liking to them. I could not even tell you how Alison Moyet became lost to me following “Yazoo’s” breakup that occurred shortly before the release of their second album in 1983. Having listened to this song, I am inclined to explore more of her solo work. The video does nothing for the music! Thank-you!

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  2. Yes, the 80’s music definitely was great!
    I am glad that you shared this song and it wasn’t for your ears only. 🙂
    I felt the same way about the video, but I find that happens a lot with music videos. Not always sure what the producers are thinking when they make the videos.

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