“Hero of a Fool”

Here’s another song that I came across as I was transferring some cassette tapes to my laptop. It too (like the Carly Simon song “Julie through the Glass” last week) was one that I really liked … and I can only wonder why I haven’t played it for so many years. Now, in digital form, it can be played so easily! Enjoy Jennifer Rush from 1983.

16 thoughts on ““Hero of a Fool”

  1. Well you managed to find an 80’s artist that I hadn’t heard before. You do have that knack. The more surprising thing will be if Brad hasn’t heard her. 🙂
    I enjoyed the song and was intrigued by the comment you made about her recording “The Power of Love” song! I greatly enjoy Celine Dion’s music and that song has always been one of my favorites of hers. Didn’t realize that she was doing a cover. I went to Youtube to listen to Jennifer’s version and she did a very good job, but I am still partial to Celine’s. I am sure that it has a lot to do with just being used to hearing her version, plus the fact that I just love how Celine hits those high notes.

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