“All Over the World”

“All Over the World” goes back to my late teens, and I still find it a very emotional performance. Of course, being in my late teens, and Francois Hardy singing in her pj’s on a flying bed probably helped!

For any Judith Durham (The Seekers) fans out there, there is on YouTube a video of her singing this song. A quite different presentation, and also very easy listening, but the original recording was Francois Hardy. Enjoy.

28 thoughts on ““All Over the World”

  1. I like her soft voice. Seems to me like much of the music you grew up with is different from mine, due to you growing up in Europe. I’ve been unfamiliar with many of your Saturday tunes, before hearing them on your blog. So I wonder if you’ve had the same experience hearing the oldie tunes we play on this side of the pond?

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  2. Awh! What a lovely, poignant song. If I had known this song when I was dating Brad I am sure I would have been playing it over and over, all those times we had to say goodbye as he drove over 5oo miles back home. Those goodbyes were tough! Thanks for the song. 🙂

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