These past few weeks – Part 3

So … to continue the roller-coaster ride, whereas Part 1 was a high, and Part 2 a definitive low, it is time for another high … being Part 3.

A number of people have asked me (in the context of co-authoring “The Odessa Chronicles”), how Carolyn and I met. My answer was always an honest “We have never met, unless you count the time we visited Moonbeam Farm.”

Visiting the fictional Moonbeam Farm was difficult enough to explain to fictional Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa. Imagine trying to explain it to a human (see link below)

My long distance internet relationship with Carolyn expandedΒ  to include my daughter Melanie who lives in the Vancouver area. They both have histories which could be shared, and be beneficial to both of them. The relationship between Carolyn and Melanie grew to the extent that it was decided (by Carolyn’s family) to take a vacation and visit her!

I tend to visit Vancouver late in the year but, under these circumstances, could not miss a golden opportunity to meet my co-author, and of course her family, hence my recent absence from blogging (and my broken laptop)!

I have now met my second blogger and bonus, her husband and both her (adult) children. I have had isolated dialogues with all of them for various reasons so it was a delight to actually meet everybody.

Sitting with Melanie (left) and Carolyn (right)

Sitting with Tiya (left) and Jason (right)

Needless to say it was lovely to meet Carolyn and her family, and be able to share some of their vacation time with them … and still have some time for Melanie!

41 thoughts on “These past few weeks – Part 3

  1. It warmed my heart in so many ways to meet the delightful Chappell duo!
    That story about us meeting at Moonbeam Farm was a fun story, but so much more fun to meet in real life of course. We did share tea in real life, just like the story , and Odessa did try to point out to you how short I was, but you and Melanie still were shocked. Odessa was probably rolling her eyes at you 2. LOL!
    Oh and I should point out that unlike the story, I didn’t have socks on with my flip flops either, if you noticed. πŸ™‚
    But “the stones” in the story were right. They were a sign, remember. I knew it would be a wonderful adventure to meet you, and I wasn’t disappointed, it was! πŸ™‚

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